100-Yen Store Makes First Stride into Houston by Way of Mason Park Shopping Center

Not all items at Katy’s new Daiso will be priced at 100 yen (90 cents), but they should be in the ballpark. The dollar store chain originally set a single price for all items in store when it debuted in Japan, a practice it’s carried over to some Australian locations but not the U.S.

The retailer opens its Mason Park Shopping Center doors tomorrow at 10:05 a.m. in the storefront Aaron’s furniture store left for a spot across the street after Daiso reportedly took over its lease 2 years ago. That’ll bring the Texas Daiso total to 6; the others are all near Dallas.

As for the seventh, it’s already gunning for Lonestar Dancesport’s former digs in the Westchase Shopping Center:


Photos: Daiso (new store); Lonestar Dancesport

Turning Japanese

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