2 Big Box Chains Heading to Conroe’s Former Camp Strake; Harvey’s Lasting Housing Market Effect

Photo of City Hall: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • I suppose the demise of the forested area that was Camp Strake was inevitable given expansion in the area, but it’s a shame that it’s ending up with the standard big box sprawl that characterizes exurban Houston.

  • The multifamily market has been on fire. Prices being paid are insane. I’m seeing crap that was bought in the mid $30k/door range being sold for double. Stuff in Montrose that was $50-$60k/door 3-4 years ago, then sold for $80k/door being bought for $100k+/door and listed again for $150k/door.
    So yeah, there is insanity in multifmily but I don’t think it’s harvey related. I think it’s low yield / easy money related.

  • Speaking of crazy prices. Look at the first story in the summary of stories re: the 25 unit in Montrose. Someone bought this thing, painted the doors a hip green, and then flipped it for 2x what they paid. The sucker that bought it won’t make money on it unless they’re looking at a 10 year time frame with aggressive proforma rent and HCAD not beating them down with tax increases.
    Good luck to them.

  • @Heightsresident – additionally, so much of the Camp Strake land was stripped of trees and has been raised in order to build out of the West Fork San Jacinto floodway. Forest no more.