2100 Memorial’s Eviction Order, Completely Transformed

2100 MEMORIAL’S EVICTION ORDER, COMPLETELY TRANSFORMED A statement from the Houston Housing Authority yesterday says it “is making every effort to comply” with a judge’s temporary restraining order issued last week ordering the public agency to fix the fire-safety systems at the 14-story 2100 Memorial senior living apartment complex, test the building’s electrical transformers, and replace them if necessary. Judge Daryl Moore also prohibited the authority from terminating the leases of any of its tenants without demonstrating better cause than it has. An estimated 80 percent of the former Holiday Inn’s residents have already moved out. [Houston Chronicle; more; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Realtor.com  

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  • That pool has one of the best views of the skyline and could host some rockin geriatric parties!

  • I met with one of the tenets of 2100 Memorial. Yes, repairs are necessary, but he also said that the owners of the building are doing everything possible to make living there impossible. It appears that a “deal” has been made to turn the property IF the residents can be made to move, and someone in the Houston Housing Authority may be in a deal to clear it out for them so the long-term lease can be cancelled.

  • i have long been a follower of the tenets of 2100 Memorial. all praises and glory to its name.

  • That. AND don’t mess with your elders.

  • The Chairman of the HHA spent over a quarter of a MILLION dollars of TAXPAYERS $$$ to on lawyers to defend his sleazy ,slimy,ILLEGAL decision to under repair the facilities @ 2100 Memorial Dr. And the repairs would have cost approximately $40,000 !!!! He shoud be fired by that boss of his, Sylvester Turner. But no. They’re both in the back pockets of the ABCDE (Architects Builders Contractors Developers Engineers) cabal . So he could flip the building to some equally sleazy developer friend – I wonder what kind of slimy back room deal they’re doing? It’ll all come out into the light. @movocelot-Exactly. Don’t MESS with thine elders. Or so shall you reap the wrath from upon High. So said you know who !!!!