$3.4 Million Buys You This Pool House, Boat House, and Warehouse on Lake Livingston

If you think this pool perched on an eastern bank of Lake Livingston is enormous — and with a jetted “lazy river” and 2 islands included it certainly is — just wait until you see the house that comes with it. You’ll be waiting for a while, though, because it isn’t built yet. This main-house-less property, which has been on the market on and off since spring of 2012 for $3.4 million, has a homesite all picked out — it’s just up the steps at the lower left of the photo immediately above. There’s a pool house and a boathouse and even an arbor structure already set up — just no house house.

While you’re waiting for one to show up, though, why not stay a while in the on-site warehouse? It’s got built-in living quarters:


Up this way, please:


That’s at the western end of the property, though. Down by the waterfront, where there’s 600 ft. of bulkheaded waterfront, this little poolhouse provides closer-in accommodations:

The boathouse includes a heavy-duty lift:

And there’s this little structure for shade:

You came to see the pool, though, didn’t you?

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  • What about the house almost next door for sale for 1.2mil, what about half dozen homes for sale under 200k!!! in the same neighborhood? You can ask for whatever you want, just don’t expect not to be laughed at.

  • They should wait until the summer to put a 3 million dollar pool on the market. That’s basic marketing.

  • The $200k homes either have no water, or are on semi-dry canals. Prime waterfront within 100 miles of Houston is getting pricey. (1-2 hours drive)

    That being said, there certainly is a thing called over building for the location. It will be interesting to see what it sells for.

  • Interesting priorities – from the 1959 T-Bird on up.

  • Palm trees on Lake Livingston?? Must be stupid money.

  • People with some money & NO taste!!!!

  • This has to be the tackiest yet most awesome house ever. With a pool like that I’d start charging neighborhood kids an entrance fee and be my own waterpark. The house would become a B&B. I’d live in the warehouse so I can drive my car my house like Batman.

  • Brian for Comment of the Day.

  • Looking at the pics, I kept asking myself “Why?” for each of the bizarre features.

    I think the answer for each is “Because.”