4444 Westheimer Residents To Be Gently Escorted from Their Domiciles

“Move out concierges” are standing by to assist renters in the massive 4444 Westheimer apartment complex to deal with their impending evictions residence transitions. “Each resident has a specific member of our concierge team assigned to assist them to make their transition as smooth as possible,” a release sent to the Chronicle by property owner Oliver McMillan states. “In addition, we have developed a comprehensive move out package which includes a listing of neighboring communities, moving procedures and an incentive plan. The move-out plan includes incentive payments for up to a one-month rebate of rent plus return of full security deposits. Our concern for our residents is that we help them find a new home and that their move from 4444 Westheimer is done in a safe manner for everyone who lives there.”

No matter their function, the presence of actual concierges should help upgrade the overall feel of the property, which used to be known as the Westcreek Apartments. Oliver McMillan plans to move it, too: To River Oaks. After the apartments near the corner of Westcreek and Westheimer (just west of the Highland Village Shopping Center) are demolished (sparing units north of Bettis Ave.), the company plans to change the property’s name to the River Oaks District, and begin construction there of a $275 million mixed-use center.


Back in 2007, plans floated for the River Oaks District were a bit grander. They included a whole lot more office space, a bit more retail, a few more apartments, plus 2 luxury hotels with 150 condos perched above. The newer, smaller project (pictured here) has plans for 278 residences, almost 100,000 sq. ft. of office space, and 270,000 sq. ft. of retail space, including restaurants, cafés, and a movie theater. But no hotels. A ‘380’ agreement approved by Houston’s city council in August will reimburse the developer for up to $19 million it spends on “public amenities” in the project — through a sales tax rebate, as long as the development maintains 1,700 jobs. Oliver McMillan plans to begin construction early next year and finish by the fall of 2014.

“Gotta be out by Dec. 31st,” a newly noticed 4444 Westheimer tenant writes Swamplot. “Got any suggestions for a decent place under $1400 per month?”

Photo and renderings: Oliver McMillan

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  • It’s nice how it butts up against the Target…wonder if there will be a connection?

  • It is about time this project got going. The parcel is beyond ready for a new development that makes use of the property better than the current buildings. Hopefully the trend will spread down Westheimer along with getting the city to put the utility lines under the ground instead of having old power lines ruining the overlook of our city streets.

  • I really wish they would have stuck with the original design with that included towers. It would have been a one of a kind project here in Houston. It seems like they are missing a great opportunity to make a truly urban distract. . . Or atleast it would have been great to get 3-4 towers in one development. Maybe it will do like BLVD place and go back to the original plan.

  • That place looked pretty rundown and old whenever I drove by it. Per the last quote, $1400 a month for an apartment there? Maybe our rental rates in Montrose are still way too low.
    While we don’t have anything open, we consistently rent one-bedrooms from between 700 and $900 a month In the middle of Montrose, which I think is a far better location than this property (personally)
    And for those willing to venture to the new and improved home and apartment in Midtown, only $600 a month all bills paid. 5 left as of this afternoon *plug* :-)

  • This marks the end of an era. For many professionals, including myself, Westcreek was our first apartment inside the loop. It was filled with mid-twenty somethings that thought our $55k starting salary right out of college made us invincible billionaires. There wasn’t a weekend in the summer that went by that didn’t involve someone getting drunk and neked in one of the many courtyard pools (guilty once or twice). While I understand market forces and whatnot, I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t a little sad to see this complex come down.

  • I signed a lease with these apartments in August, for a move in date of October 15th. I received notice that they were tearing down the apartments on October 13th…TWO days before we were to move it. We had to scramble to find a place to stay, rent a storage unit, cancel planned utilities. We already paid them over $500.00, which they will refund in a MONTH. I am glad I dodged this bullet, it could have been worse had they let me move in. I told the friends who referenced the apartments about the demolition, but the office refused to comment. Luckily I had an email confirmation, so they had a heads up.

  • At what point will we be over retailed? The retail spaces in here will compete with Highland Village, the Galleria, Post Oak Blvd, Blvd Place, West Ave, Uptown Park, The River Oaks Shopping Center, the Rice Village, and more. There’s nothing unique about this project that would entice me to move there if I already had space right down the road. Additionally, Houstonians are creatures of habit and this location has never been anything other as “that place between Uptown and Highland Village.”

  • My first apartment in Houston 17 years ago after graduating from college. As I remember, even back then they were “older”…but much more solidly built than many other newer complexes. As apartmets go, I liked the place. Maybe I’ll shed a tear. Or maybe not…

  • While I have 3 different friends that all received notice, I also agree that this parcel of land is prime for redevelopment. It is an incredible location, and will only enhance the attractiveness of the Galleria, although the stoplight at 610 and Westheimer is going to suck. C’mon, once the Roll-N bar went upscale, what did you expect from this area?

  • Doesn’t River Oaks have a copyright on that name much as the Galleria has on their name? Not withstanding the Galleria in Milan?

  • Does anyone know what the story is with the metal skeleton in the neighboring lot to the east?

  • The metal structure was part of the High Street development which stalled due to the recession. The project was going to be a mixed use development. Here is a link to the project how it was suppose to look http://swamplot.com/high-on-westheimer/2007-11-08/ The project was purchased by a apartment developer and was downgrade to basically a apartment complex with two restaurants. It should be close to completion. It is called Millenium HighStreet now.

  • Hey Cody- I think the rents were much lower than 1400 a month. A family member lives there and was paying less than 700 for a ~700 sqft one bedroom.

    The move out procedure has been pretty crazy so far. You have to go and schedule your move out date (down to a 4hr window) to qualify for any of the incentives (a month of rent back) if they catch you moving outside of the window they claim they could hold out on the incentive. You have to make the move out appointment soon, ie in the next couple days. What we found was that it made for a difficult time finding a new place given the strong rental market right now.

    My family member is on a fixed income, so we needed cheap with easy bus access. We got her in to Maryland Manor, on Bissonnet, should be a stable community for awhile, and they had lots of space.

  • Quoted from MH005: “We got her in to Maryland Manor, on Bissonnet, should be a stable community for awhile, and they had lots of space.”


    I seriously hope this is a joke.

  • ‘move-out concierges’? ‘residence transition’?
    Really? Or just invented for the entainment of Swamplot fans? gave me a chuckle

  • entertainment, sorry

  • @MH005,

    I’m hoping that’s an intentionally ironic reference to Maryland Manor on Bissonnet being a stable community.

  • Clearly.

    But we did move her into Montrose. What does suck is she cannot afford updated, so she will always be in a place potentially on the chopping block.

  • @MHoo5 your comment made my day. That was hilarious ! ! !

  • Oh, I get the joke. Cheap with easy bus access for a fixed income person is at the bottom of the priority list for those who say this location is prime for redevelopment. And over-retailed? We’ve been over-retailed for about the last fifteen years.

  • Just to be clear since some comments are lamenting the loss of Westcreek Apartments. This is just one part of the Westcreek compound. In fact at various times in the past, this complex (4444 Westheimer) had separate ownership and was operated completely independent of the Westcreek Apartments. At other times they operated as one. There are still 700-800 units at Westcreek that won’t be coming down, at least not any time soon.

    Count me as a former Westcreek resident. Loved living there. Well kept. Great location. Reasonably priced.

  • @marmar Maryland Manor is the complex that will be demolished very soon to make way for the Asbhy Highrise.

  • Yes, John, I know what and where Maryland Manor is. I’ve known lots of people who lived there.

  • I have a friend that got notice. They actually do call them “move-out concierges”!!

  • Rents were cheaper than 1400. We’ve been renting a 914 sq ft 2 bedder here for about 900. Pretty much why we re-upped this summer instead of moving on because it was so cheap for the area. We’ve come to terms with paying more now that our hand is forced. Been looking at some single families in Westwood/Westbury area. And I can confirm the awkardness of the whole ‘transition consierge’ process having just sat through mine. They’ve upped the security presence here too ever since the notices went out as if they were preparing for riots on the leasing office or something. Going to be very weird here this last month.

  • Minor Detail: The photo above is not of 4444 Westheimer. That’s a photo of Westcreek at River Oaks Apartments FKA Westcreek Apartments. The building pictured is not being town down to make way the River Oaks District.

    Of course none of these projects are in River Oaks.

  • One of the incentives is full refund of the tenants’ security deposits? Since the place is being torn down, they’d actually have the nerve to deduct for damages?

  • I’ve been a resident here for almost 3 years. No, this isn’t an ideal situation. It’s a great location and very affordable. I’m sad to leave. But, it is what it is. I do appreciate the help and incentives the property is offering residents. Yes, it is unfortunate for those who signed a lease recently. But, that lease did contain an addendum about this. These things happen. We have been given 60 days notice. The on-site apartment locators were a big help. But, you have to act fast. They are providing boxes and tape to residents, if needed. They’ve also negotiated a very reasonable flat rate with several moving companies. No, I don’t represent this property. But, I think it is time for folks to stop complaining and get to planning their move.