5-Bedroom Sugar Land 2-Story Rounds Up to Its Topmost Territory

Once you get in, 5501 Regency Dr. provides 2 options for how to ascend. The 5,120-sq.-ft., 5-bedroom house hit the market yesterday with an asking price of $1,098,000. Across the street from it is the far west cove of one of the numerous ponds that water the surrounding neighborhood, dubbed Waters of Avalon.

The only thing hidden from the front doorway is the baby grand:


It stands behind the dining room table:

Off the main drag is where the living room begins . . .

And runs red, white, and blue down to the rounded façade that fronts the house’s circular driveway:

Its other side opens up to the kitchen . . .

Which includes its own circular sitting area:

The highest portion of the master bedroom is on its left side:

This pink-walled, plasma-screened bedroom links to the game room:

The top of the double staircase puts you within range of more kid-friendly sleeping spaces:

One of which includes a balcony over the front yard:

Both have the same bright geometry that runs through much of the house.

But ends right here:

Waters of Avalon

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  • In many ways, this looks like a super fun, if high maintenance house.

    That said, this is prime McMansion Hell territory.

  • Pee-Wee’s McMansion.
    Those Barcelona chairs in the bedroom look mortified, as if they’d been dragged in against their will.

  • My God, what horrible taste. Looks like Eddie Murphy or Aretha Franklin lived there in the 80’s.

  • With that décor, I’d half-expect to see Tony Montana descend the stairs with an Uzi in hand shouting something about “his little friend”!

  • I have to wonder about the future values of all these houses out in the middle of nowhere. My grandparents lived in Inwood, near Victory Drive and Antoine before the 80s oil crash and it was to my eyes a very rich neighborhood in those days. Look at it now. The end of oil is coming someday and it’s going to be devastating for Houston. I figure these houses will be similar in value to the ones you can get for $100 in Detroit someday. Fortunately for me it appears the end of oil may happen after my career is over. I bought a house in Montrose. Maybe it will be a little more insulated from the post oil crash or at least I’ll be dead before the effects of it make it to the city core.

  • Aw it’s not that bad.
    The piano has a nice setting – that photo should sell the house. I like the 2-story curtains.
    Weird that the bedrooms have no window treatments at all – and this house has close neighbors.

  • @jGriff If scientists would get to work figuring out how to use neon-red paint as an alternate fuel source, this house alone could bring about the bust in Houston oil.

  • Who’s the guy in the framed photo hanging on the wall by the kitchen?

  • @Miz Brooke Smith — Good question. It doesn’t look like the owner, who is CEO of a couple of energy companies I’ve never heard of.

  • I was gonna guess that this was Matt Schaub’s house, because nobody else would have his jersey hanging in their game room.

  • That’s a picture of Aga Khan. The owners of the house must be Ismailis