600 Jefferson’s New Address Name; Investigating Light-Rail Seat Cleanliness


Photo of Rice University: Jan Buchholtz via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • To be fair to Metro, I can recall reading studies showing that most household surfaces are dirtier than the toilet seat. Toilet seats actually get cleaned, usually with something that disinfects, on a regular basis.

  • The swab results from the light rail TVMs are Metro’s perfect opportunity to promote the use of that shiny new mobile ticketing app they just launched!

  • Regarding the Bank of Mom and Dad article. Why the hell does every story about money devolve into some crap about supposed racial inequality? I’m f******* sick of it!!

  • I always enjoy watching people backpedal on their ideological stance against zoning when something that zoning might have fixed suddenly directly affects them. Until then, gimme mine.

  • I’m not a fan of zoning but what a disgusting thing to do:
    ““The developers ran TV ads and sent out notices, put up billboards in the black community saying, Zoning causes segregation,’ ”
    Seeing that would turn me off a position so bad that I would have voted for zoning just for spite.

  • @j: There’s a way to stop hearing about supposed racial inequality, but it involves getting rid of actual racial inequality. So how sick are you?

  • I want to be a victim too! Find me something I can be a victim of! I swear as soon as we find it I promise to contribute nothing to society until whatever it is that I didn’t know about until I wanted to be a victim is fixed!

  • meme: If his objection was the same line that I saw, I totally see his point.
    Obliviously there are a few people out there that are obsessed with skin tone, gender and all of that (I’d argue it’s more common on the political left, but whatever. It’s a problem either way). Those people are in the minority (no pun intended) and get their proper shunning.
    But that doesn’t mean you try to make race an issue for every argument you’re trying to make. A developer saying “Don’t support zoning. It’s racist” is off the charts disgusting.

  • @Cody: I just re-read the Bank of Mom and Dad article looking for the line that could offend. I couldn’t find it. Which one is it?

  • @ Cody:
    Exactly which line in the Bank of Mom and Dad article did you find problematic?
    And, in response to your assertion that those of the political left are more “obsessed” with race, I’d offer this correction: those on the left are motivated to eliminate the social and economic problems associated with race (like the one in that article you didn’t like); those like j, whatever his/her politics, are motivated to suppress discussion of those problems.

  • Ohh, cool, the Heights Pumping Station is finally being sold. I had the pleasure of doing the environmental risk assessment for the property, and the site is pretty interesting, particularly the water tower-like structure. I look forward to seeing how the property transforms.