92 Eminent Domain Cases on 3 Lines: Metro’s Light Rail Land Acquisition Scorecard

92 EMINENT DOMAIN CASES ON 3 LINES: METRO’S LIGHT RAIL LAND ACQUISITION SCORECARD Nick Boulos’s former Shell station on the corner of MLK and Old Spanish Trail “is among 133 pieces of property [Metro] has acquired along the Southeast Corridor, including 27 in which Metro invoked eminent domain. Of those, 21 (including Boulos’) were settled by negotiation. Another 7 remain to be mediated or possibly settled in court. In the East End, METRO has obtained 135 parcels, filed 47 eminent domain cases, and settled 33 by negotiation, leaving 14 for mediation or the courtroom. On the Northside, METRO has acquired 113 total pieces of property, filed 18 eminent domain cases, and settled 16 by negotiation, leaving 2 for mediation or the courtroom.” [Fox 26] Rendering of Southeast Line on MLK between Griggs Rd. and OST: Metro

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  • Awesome. USA should have someone rewrite the national anthem.

  • This is horrible and totally different from the good kind of eminent domain – when land is taken for freeways. It’s all in the details, people!

  • I’m starting to think that dedicated high speed bus lanes would have the same effect with less construction.
    But eminent domain is in the constitution. And lest we forget, states were not even required to compensate takings (Barron v. Baltimore) until incorporation of the 5th via the 14th amendment.