A 3-Year-Old Eastwood Foursquare Sidles Up to the Oldies



Since its purchase in 2010 for $65,000, an Eastwood property has gained what is described as — in the most recent of its 3 separate listings so far this year — a 2011 “Craftsman-inspired” home. The current listing has a $519,000 asking price. That’s down from the $555,000 mentioned in its March through April 2014 market debut and its weeklong appearance in early May at $529,999.



Trimmed out in creamy white against the dark-stained white oak flooring, the dining room to the right of the front door (above) has views of the street and the home’s deep front porch. Farther down the central hallway, an archway tunnels into the family room at the back of the 2,667-sq.-ft. home:





A discreet door in the family room leads to a back wing. Could it be the 3-bedroom home’s first-floor master suite? That space gets a double-trimmed ceiling of some sort. There’s only a hint of it in the listing photo:




Downstairs, the floor plan also includes a study, which appears to be located across the foyer from the dining room:


An intricate wood-and-iron bannister finishes the staircase . . .


as well as a sofa-sized alcove:


Upstairs, the rooms get door detailing and kickboard trim, but there’s no crown molding:



This bedroom’s bumped-out window identifies it as the space above the driveway’s porte-cochère . . .


which is located off the kitchen, but has no direct access to it. For that . . .


there’s a back porch with double-wide entry:


The lot-filler of a listing mentions how the 5,350-sq.-ft. property’s fencing is “in progress”:



Across the street, at 4722 McKinney St., is the humped bungalow described here in an earlier listing last year. This expansion of an older home is back on the market and currently listed for $399,990 — a bit lower than the $453,000 it sold for a year ago. But this property is for investors only, a note in the listing indicates: It’s been leased out until October.

With All the Trimmings

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  • Whoa, whoa, whoa, you little house flippers, Eastend is coming along, but not to the point of $250K over HCAD, especially when you look around the area’s other homes close by….

  • It isn’t a flip, try to keep up. the $65,000 was for a VACANT LOT. It is a 3 year old new(ish) construction. As for neighboring houses, one on that part of McKinney sold a few years ago, long before the market heated up to present status, for $575,000. The one next door on one side was a complete disaster and sold for upper $200’s, don’t remember exactly. But it needed close to that put into it. There is one directly across the street for sale for right at $400k. Lastly, as for HCAD value, anybody that thinks HCAD values have anything to do with reality, especially in an older neighborhood like that, is just wrong. HCAD is never close to reality.

  • We walked this house recently and were not impressed. Home is ill designed with way too much useless space

  • I agree this is laughably overpriced, but I’ve said it before and I say it again, HCAD is absolutely useless as a tool to gauge market price. They use a different formula, they use a blanket neighborhood approach and they are simply incompetent. Not once in my life have I ever seen an HCAD appraisal be anywhere close (higher and lower) to an actual market price.

  • What a sorry tuscanation. I’d excuse a roof deck on top of a four-square, or a widow’s walk with florida style, but this is ridiculous

  • Who moves to historic Eastwood for a new house?—and a poorly designed and built one at that—500000 is nuts–Eastwood hadn’t arrived yet, it’s hardly as far along the gentrifying curve as Montrose or The Heights–cool neighborhood, close to downtown, but still on the wrong side –Eastwood may have it’s day one day, but that day is not….today.

  • Hmm. Perhaps if the builder could lay down a bit more bare concrete … that just might add enough charm to make this one sell for asking price.

  • the sad thing is I don’t see how this city can support $500k homesthat far from the city center and from where all the action in town is. that kind of money can get you into any city in the US and in most of them will place you right in the middle of the best to offer in terms of amenities, entertainment and leisure. I know there’s lots of oil & gas folks with no other options except for Houston, but

  • Great job by the builder to attempt to fit the nabe architecturally.

  • Where do I begin? Bad choice of tile/countertop in the master. To stay with the style, they should have gone white subway, or at least a lighter tile/stone. That brown is totally wrong. There must be some sort of setback for the dining room to be 2 feet deeper than the tight study. I’m not sure I would call that space upstairs a den at 8’x10′. And what’s with not trimming out all the windows? Very obvious when you see the den windows next to the staircase windows. Sorry, but those bannisters are all wrong, too.

    Still trying to figure out how you get a car into the left side of the garage. Or is that side only for storage? Bet there was a river of water going down that porte-cochere this week. All that water off the house and garage right down the middle.

  • This lavish Mint colored, 2680 sq ft 3 bedroom Hardy planked home in Eastwood,is basically a Four Square/Prairie Style Home,with boxy rooms and a large front porch with wide stairs. The boxy shape is meant to provide a maximum amount of interior room utilization and space, a perfect example is its 80 sq ft den. This home seems to have stunning landscaping, a nice Oak with excellent curb appeal; As well as tons of beautifully poured concrete that will provide one with plenty of parking space for family gatherings.What caught my eye right away were the pics of the beautiful turquoise trimmed windows.The one historic thing about this 3 year old home is its boxy interior design.This home could possibly sell in the high 300’s according to the recent home sales in the area,the legendary Vince Bortoni, definitely has this home priced high. Eastwood is coming along, but it will be another 3 years, before a 3 bedroom home with this design, will come close to the current asking price.

  • I sold this home for $439,000 . Couple of years ago,
    highest paid home in Eastwood , when sold
    So far in 2016 i have sold 6 homes in Eastwood S/D
    Some of them selling for $200k + , needing $100k+
    of renovation.