A Bayou-View Property Rises in Idylwood

Big shoulders on a 1928 property in Idylwood look as if the muscular house remodeled in 2000 could transform into an action figure, pull itself out of its slab, and head across the street toward a bend in Brays Bayou. As it is, however, the home’s porch, deck, and side-car vantage points will have to do for the bayou view. The double-lot spread appeared on the market at the end of August and has a $325,000 asking price.


Has the interior of the 2,526-sq.-ft. home on a knoll been altered? A bannister off the foyer, for example, shows where there’s a change in floor elevation . . .

. . . and support columns help open up the back-of-house living room:

The tile-floor wing found a few steps down from the foyer includes the updated island kitchen:

A dining room with a barreled ceiling at the front of the home (above) is right off the kitchen’s bar area. At the far end of the room, a set of doors with decorative glass panels opens to the back porch (at right). The home has 2 bedrooms, one of which is downstairs:

Meanwhile, the master suite is at the top of a well-defined, open-fret stairwell:

The bayou-view upper deck comes through a French door:

A brick path across the back lot behind the garage . . .

. . . ends at a patio tucked in a corner pocket of what appears to be an unfenced lot:

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  • Absolutely hideous redo. Really they should be some sort of punishment for people with no taste who obliterate a house in this way. It’s like malpractice. I suppose not being able to sell it will be a kind of punishment, but I’d prefer a jailing

  • How can you tell it’s hideous? You obviously never saw it “before”.

  • What…did they do to that poor house?

  • Related posts should include the comment of the day about Houston being ugly.

  • Beware of the bayou. It giveth but it also taketh away.

  • That stucco look with the blocks and/or silly keystone dealies seems to be a cliche used by guys that have misspelled, hand painted signs on their trucks that say, “Remodoling”.

  • Did Perry homes do this so-called remodel?

  • “Stucco look”? I don’t think so. It’s been stucco for over 30 years that I personally know. It used to be white with a red tiled roof. It wasn’t Mexican tile, instead it was some sort of metal that looked like cedar shingles. And it was bright red.

    The biggest problem that house has is the bayou. It’s been flooded at least 3 times.

  • Looked at houses in that neighborhood 10 years ago. Neat neighborhood, but surrounded by what seemed to me at the time to be pretty sketchy areas.

  • @Darby Mom –

    why you gotta drag Perry Homes into this when it’s obviously not done by them?

  • I’ve seen it flood in a heavy rain.

  • I’m new to the site and researching Eastwood. Considering buying a lot or tear down and building. Currently own/live in a wonderful townhouse in Montrose, but have a growing family and we’re outgrowing a townhouse and can’t afford to buy what we need in Montrose. So, we’re looking in Eastwood, Third Ward, and other close-in neighborhoods that are more affordable. Anyone have suggestions on the “best” residential streets/blocks in Eastwood? We’ve driven around alot but I haven’t committed the streets to memory–there are a few with a median that are gorgeous and walkable w a stroller. Any info will help! Oh, and what about Idylwood as a place to live with a young family?

  • @ Htown Covert…I live in Greater Eastwood, Broadmoor to be exact. Eastwood is an up-and-coming neighborhood with an active civic association. There are a few empty lots in and around the area. “Best” streets in Eastwood proper include McKinney, Park, Woodside, Rusk, Polk and Walker, all tree-lined with nice bungalows, there are a few fixer-uppers there too. Try venturing out maybe drive south on Leeland, Polk, and Telephone. It gets a little rough, however over the train tracks past Lawndale/Polk. Have you checked out Broadmoor (small pocket neighborhood near Broadmoor @ Telephone). Hope this helps. Happy Hunting.

  • PYEWACKET2 – I can tell you for sure it’s hideous because I’ve been looking at it for years, each time wondering who could possible think their anachronistic redo is acceptable! The design, materials and construction is all abysmal. It looks like the walls are made of cardboard. In fact I knew which house they were referring to without ever seeing a picture, it’s THAT bad. I have to laugh when I see it otherwise I would cry.

  • Have seen a picture of this house in floodwaters about 2 years ago.

  • Its looked like this for a long time but I guess the interior was also being fully remodeld. I always liked the residence. Quite different from the rest of the archive in the area. There are however much nicer homes on that lane.