A Brief Tour of Slightly Odd Spaces in Spring Valley

House with Stockade Fence, Campbell Place, Spring Valley, Houston

Robert Boyd ends his series of bicycle tours through the Memorial Villages with a ride through the west end of Spring Valley, and concludes:

Perhaps this is a good way to characterize the Memorial Villages. They will tolerate eccentricity, but only a very small amount of it.

These are wealthy folks, and I bet many of them consider themselves to be individualists. Let your freak flags fly! You live in the Villages–you’ve made it. So do something wild and unique with your house and yard that proclaims your uniqueness.

After the jump, a few more photo gems from Boyd’s Spring Valley travelogue.


What’s behind the concrete noise wall along I-10? Dead space between Campbell and Anne:

Cut-Through Between Campbell and Anne, Spring Valley, Houston

And the end of Bade St.:

Dead End at Bade St., Spring Valley, Houston

Boyd finds old Spring Branch High School Bear prints in the parking lot of Grob Stadium:

Parking Space at Grob Stadium with Bear Print from the former Spring Branch High School

. . . and a screwy lamppost:

Drill Bit Lamppost in Spring Valley, Houston

Along Campbell Road, the distinctive sign for Burden’s Vacuum Cleaner Company:

Burden’s Vacuum Cleaner Co., Spring Valley, Houston

Photos: Robert W. Boyd