A Check on Expiration Dates amid the Heights Foodie Boom

A CHECK ON EXPIRATION DATES AMID THE HEIGHTS FOODIE BOOM The restaurantheavy redevelopment of various used car dealerships and auto shops along N. Shepherd Dr. might bring with it some future trouble for the Heights area, Jonathan McElvy suggests in his column for the Leader this week. McElvy worries that too many new spots chasing after trends in the “culinary preferences of Houston’s red-hot foodie community,” (as he notes recently closed-for-re-concepting Heights restaurant Glass Wall described it) may mean that the area is “about to enter a period of constant turnover along our most important corridor.” Noting the startling estimates on how many restaurants close in fewer than 5 years (whether due to lack of business knowledge, bad construction traffic, or sheer bad luck), McElvy writes that while there’s little to be done to curb the popularity of “farm-to-table restaurants that know how to plate a dish but don’t have a clue how to pay franchise taxes on time . . . it is not going to help our community if 1 business opens and another closes every other week.” [The Leader; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Karen S.

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  • FLASH!!! The Leader with a breaking news story that the restaurant business is not easy! Tune in next week for an explosive investigation that uncovers RISK in real estate investments!!!!

  • Yeah, too many yuppie type trendy restaurants. What you need is hipster type cheap places. Also, landlords are charging too much for rent in the loop in general.

  • OMG!!! Over-extended restaurants. Now that’s cutting edge reporting..You Go Leader!!!!!