A Colorized Crosby Place Townhome Goes Bold, Asks $325K



Colors a-blazing and juxtaposed vibe big time within a 2004 townhome in Crosby Place that popped up on the market a week ago. Its location is in the cluster of brightly painted townhome developments on the eastern edge of the Fourth Ward near Midtown. On listing day, the metal-clad property appears to have briefly flirted with a $330,000 asking price but reverted to its original $324,900. Today, fresh listing photos brought in crisper staging of the space . . .



Here’s how the property showed before the decorative do-over . . .


And here’s the same floor post makeover:






Each of the home’s 3 levels gets a signature flooring choice: carpet upstairs, stained concrete at ground level, and piney woods between.


The 1,797-sq.-ft. floor plan delivers 2 bedrooms, each with a bath. And there’s a half-bath as well (above).


Its window suited up in the updated view, but the ground floor bedroom faces a small slice of fenced easement on the 1,541-sq.-ft. lot:



Meanwhile, the upper floor’s bedroom has a downtown view. This property appears to be in a section of the six-home development without other housing between it and nearby Heinen St., which acts a feeder road to southbound I-45 near Allen Center . . .


and its garage:


Primary Residence

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  • “Colors eye-searing and juxtaposed vibe big time within a [house]”


  • @Spoonman: Thanks. That’s been corrected.

  • That downtown view will be short lived. Broadstone is building their new development directly behind this property, so that view will be of a very close apt complex very soon.

  • new midrise apts going up behind house.. wonder how close to the fence line (shown in lower floor bedroom). at least may block traffic noise from Heiner St and I-45, and possibly, the downtown view from upper bedroom

  • I still don’t think “vibe” is a verb.

  • I’ve got one of these ubiquitous Urban Loft aluminum houses in 4th Ward. Looking at the prices, I can see why they jacked up my assessment so much. I can’t believe the valuation jumped 40% in a year, but bye-bye PMI, at least. I’ll need that extra money to pay for the additional property taxes.

  • That red stripe, ugh. Almost as bad as that metal exterior- awful.

  • I can see why they updated the pictures to the furnished version. The photo of the 2nd level, unfurnished, makes it look like a gymnasium.