3 Glass and Steel Condo Towers for Cottage Grove

3 GLASS AND STEEL CONDO TOWERS FOR COTTAGE GROVE Residents Lounge at Proposed Condo Tower, I-10 at Shepherd Dr., Heights, Houston, 77007Backed by unnamed foreign investors and still seeking a few more, pro-cyclist-turned-chiropractor-turned-Realtor Dr. Fabian Trujillo recently told Paul Takahashi of HBJ about his newest project: 3 glass-and-steel condo towers (the tallest at 35 stories) meant for the northeast corner of Shepherd Dr. and I-10, just east of Cottage Grove. Amenities accessible to inhabitants of the as-yet-unnamed trio (designed by “an Italian architect”) would include a pet area, on-site daycare, rooftop pools, a wine storage facility, and — above the 2-story penthouses atop the tallest tower — a helipad. Prices would start at $230,000 for 1,200 sq.-ft. units and rise to $1.2 million for the 3,200-sq.-ft. penthouses, which may or may not include private pools. The drawing above shows a “resident’s lounge”; no site plans, addresses, or exterior renderings have been released, which makes fixing the proposal on a map into a fun Google Earth guessing game the corner in question currently contains a Shell station, Lonestar Orthopedics, the last surviving HoJo inside Beltway 8, the brand-new Johnstone Supply building, several small crops of townhomes, and a vaguely New York-shaped wooded tract owned mostly by the Harris County Flood Control District. Trujillo plans to open a sales office as soon as late next year, after finding “additional private investors from Central America as well as China”. [Houston Business Journal] Rendering: Fabian Trujillo via HBJ  

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  • On a scale of Shamrock Hotel to EarthQuest Theme Park, I would rate the odds of this one happening at about a Hardy Yards.

  • I wasted a couple of hours footing through hcad trying to identify the possible site. Hard to see how any of those lots or combinations of lots would work out. I’m with old school, it’ll never happen.

  • HCFCD isn’t selling and the other plots mentioned are too small. I’d guess the Nundini site and/or the plot immediately to the North.
    Also, this project is probably never going to happen.

  • It’s a kind of bs that reminds me of the oil boom circa 1982.

  • The private investors from Central America that he speaks of, are they the Sinaloa Inc. or the Zetas LLC? Based on the ridiculousness of the location for such project, the ridiculousness of scale of such project, the laughable financial statement that the project would entail (simply by doing math in my head), I would conclude with 112% accuracy that this project is vaporware.

  • Hardy Yards exists! They have a fancy sign under the rail overpass on N. Main. It’s a beautiful sign. Oh, and a bus stop.

  • Cypress RE owns Hardy, they will make some money on it. Already sold a tax credit apartment site to the city. \

    My guess is this condo is going on the vacant land near Roy and Larkin. Or on the Port-O-Let storage facility at the dead end of Reinerman.