A Double Cottage Vision in Cottage Grove

It’s twins — and they’re holding their ground as new townhomes morph up the Darling block east of T. C. Jester in Cottage Grove, near Detering. This new listing pegs the double-dip property at $149,999, leaving its future use to the buyer.


The 2-bedroom cottages are 490 sq. ft. each and share a 5,350-sq.-ft. lot. They’re occupied, the listing says, so a drive-by tour is the only option. Meanwhile, right next door is what appears to be a third lookalike home that’s slightly larger, separately owned, and not for sale. Still, the family genes are strong for the set-of-triplets presence on the multi-unit-minded block.

3 Comment

  • “occupied” means residents don’t speak English and will shoot if you try to get indoors.

    I can say this because I own a house in the neighborhood just a few blocks away.

    Positive note: All the new townhomes and patio homes have driven down the gun shots in the hood (especially on the holidays).

  • Come on… where are the Keep Houston Old and Ugly people saying that this stuff should be restored and preserved… Knock It Down!!

  • $140,000 seals the deal. It’ll take $180,000/unit to get the ideal SF and layout down, puts a developer in the deal @ $250,000 per house.

    Needs to be at least $40,000 in profit to make it go, and $290,000 is about the ceiling there for exit.

    This ain’t charity, you know…