A Downer for Taco Milagro in Upper Kirby

A DOWNER FOR TACO MILAGRO IN UPPER KIRBY A post on the Taco Milagro Facebook suggests that the restaurant will be leaving the corner of Westheimer and Kirby Dr. where it’s been — almost miraculously, you could say — since 1998. Culturemap, pinning the relocation on rising rents there across from West Ave, reports that the restaurant group Schiller Del Grande that owns Taco Milagro (and Cafe Express, The Grove, and a few others) is looking for a new place for it “somewhere a bit further out.” Attempts to contact Schiller Del Grande for more details haven’t been returned. [Facebook; Culturemap; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Panoramio user Wolfgang Houston

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  • While I have had some great times on that patio drinking margaritas, the food at Taco Milagro was always woefully underwhelming, in my opinion. I hope that a new tenant moves in and wants to keep the “fun factor” alive (actually, I am not sure they will have a choice), but offer more original and better quality grub.

  • Rude service people.

  • I’ve often wondered how this place stays in business with the terrible food and lame atmosphere inside. I won’t even start in on the lackluster drinks, yeck. I guess people will literally put up with anything to drink on a patio.

  • Correct. The food was never great.

    Very exciting news to see the possibility of a new tenant. I hadn’t been there in years.

    The idea of something new opening up gives great hope. Prime location, although parking, when packed, is an issue.

    Maybe it will be a new shop and not food at all.


  • The place was always packed Thursday – Saturday for the Salsa dancing. Agree that the food was sub-par, but seemed to serve as a convenient and happening dance spot.

    Any chance the whole shopping center and the Avalon Square apartments next door get targeted for a dual-demolition for more high-end mid-rises?

  • Went once years ago,never returned.

  • Wow, perhaps I’m the only one that really liked the place. The salsas were good. The menu was interesting. The drinks were — well — drinks.
    And not to get all deep on everyone, but sitting on the patio looking at both West Ave and 2727 Kirby was enough to keep me motivated to keep plugging along in my business. Both those properties — although totally different from each other — are so cool to look at. I’d *LOVE* to live in 2727 if only it were about a mile or two East.

  • Salsa dancers don’t pay the rent. Diners, and more importantly drinkers, pay the freight.

    Avalon Square’s days are numbered, but the redevelopment will not include the shopping center.

    There is plenty of competition among prospective tenants for this space.

  • I’ve always liked Taco Milagro. Chips and salsa are good, and the food is of a type I like.

  • I liked the variety of the food that wasn’t the same old Tex-Mex you can get everywhere else. My favorites are the ones with pumpkin seeds, and I love love love that vinegary smoky sauce.

  • Maybe if they’d had a quality coke dealer.

  • SRSLY?!?! I am SO shocked by the comments regarding the food! Taco Milagro is our favorite Mexican(like) food restaurant in Houston! We live at the beltway and Memorial and would LOVE for Taco Milgro to move to Town and Country or CityCenter…(Maybe not CityCenter because the parking SUCKS there).

    All I can figure after reading the comments is that people prefer the muddy tex-mex at places like Escalantes instead of truely flavorful and interesting dishes like their ChiliesRellenos and shrimp tamales…

  • funny that they pin rising rents due to West Ave as the reason they are leaving. Interesting, since the tenants at West Ave basically started out rent free…

  • I love the atmosphere and the food. Sorry they are leaving.

  • I liked their food, is was a more refreshing type of Mexican food that didn’t make you sick after you ate it. I have always had excellent service as well. I only ever went here during lunch though. It was a nice quite place to sit outside and eat lunch.

  • Local Foods (Benjy’s)opening in its place.

  • The food wasn’t your typical Tex-Mex and the $7 Milagro margaritas were stout. Their salsa bar was hands-down the best in town. Will really miss the staff and sitting on that wonderful patio.