A Downtown Height Check on Alessandra and Marlowe

Construction of Hotel Alessandra, Fannin St. at Dallas St., GreenStreet, Houston, 77002

Second Proposed Design for Hotel Alessandra, GreenStreet, Downtown HoustonToday’s look at up-and-coming personified downtown highrises includes a reader’s fresh snap of Hotel Alessandra, which reached full height in August and has been filling out a bit since then. The latest rendering (released after the original question mark design was scrapped) depicts mostly the buildin’s glassier Dallas-St.-facing side; the shot up top is facing the structure’s beige-er south corner. Midway announced a few weeks after the Tax Day flood that the hotel wouldn’t be open in time for the Super Bowl after all, citing weather-related logistical issues. The developers are now planning to open up later on in 2017.

Meanwhile, at the opposite corner of the GreenStreet complex — where Polk and Caroline streets meet — Randall Davis’s Marlowe condo tower is getting off the ground behind The Dirt Bar and Reserve, at the edge of a sea of parked cars:


Marlowe Condo Tower site, 1311 Polk St., Downtown, Houston, 77002

Images: ThaChadwick (photos), Gensler (rendering)

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  • Oh dear, how lovely, another ‘Big Beige Block’. Yawnnnnnn

  • There is really something the misaligned windows on that building that is disorienting, as if it is one of those psychology “optical illusion” pictures. I get kind of queasy looking at the picture.

  • If you look at that building and let your eyes go blurry, you can see a pirate ship.

  • Why are all the recent new buildings in downtown so ugly? Look at the Alessandra, the Hillcorp building, and Reliant Plaza…. yuck!