A Downtown Reprise for the Apartments That Beyoncé Built

So these apartments might not have the same shimmery glamour as their namesake, Beyoncé Knowles. But the pop star and Houston native, moved by the devastation in New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, did chip in with her sister, Solange, and mother, Tina — as well as Destiny’s Child co-star Kelly Rowland, St. John’s United, and Temenos CDC — to help provide housing for Houston’s low-income and homeless populations.

The 43-unit building (shown above) at 1719 Gray went up in 2007. Now, Temenos has laid out on its website plans for a second building — with almost twice as many units as the original — at 2200 Jefferson, less than a mile away on the east side of I-45.

There’s no mention whether Beyoncé is involved in Phase II. But there are renderings:


The 32,500-sq.-ft. building is planned for a lot in East Downtown that’s bound by Jefferson, Hutchins, Bastrop, and St. Joseph Pkwy. The drawings (shown below) show space for a meeting room and computer lounge; Temenos says these spaces will be designated for residents’ case management as well as education and job training.

Below: those “Not in Scope” blocks, the website says, might provide room for continued development. For now, a Dumpster and a towering billboard occupy the corner of Hutchins and St. Joseph Pkwy.; a wholesale produce warehouse faces Bastrop.

Photos: Temenos

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  • Great way to help!
    Many times we donate but never know who benefits.

  • And the bright glare of the oversized “Knowles” signage will light the way for the downtrodden.

  • Greaaaat, just what I wanted in my neigborhood. NOT!

  • Ugly and less that 50ft from the freeway what a shame. First major accident in that stretch of frwy and the apt will be messed up

  • This is inappropriate. Why are these not being built in New Orleans instead, so the people can live in their home city with their friends and family? New Orleans is where the New Orleans devastation occurred, not Houston. This is being done in Houston specifically to glorify Beyonce in front of her family and friends, not to help people hurt by the New Orleans devastation. Once again, Ego drives poor behavior.

  • Won’t this interfere with the EaDo Promenade?:


    (is the EaDo Promenade really even happening???)

  • Good question Jose…

  • Are you people serious…I just read the article and realise she was only motivated and moved by what occured in New Orleans that made her choose to help her city out. Not everybody is born with a silver spoon and sometimes people make the wrong choices in life but I do think that this is a good idea….I am only human and did notice the sign is rather large but oh well if it takes some ego-stroking to help do something positive for someone else because REMEMBER and dnt be ignorant to the fact that it could be you…..! Than what? Would you rather sleep on the streets? I’m glad they have programs implemented to help mankind get a second chance.

  • To people complaining, STFU! What have you done for this community? Why complain? Because you’re jealous. And to the people complaining about the name “Knowles” being on the building…what about “Rowland”? no one complained about that. Also, she’s gives gives plenty to many charity’s and no one talks about that…Stop hating. She’s trying to help ur poor a****.

  • I’m not sure how I feel, but the apartments look like project high rises.

  • First off I wanted to say, I actually have struggled and lived Homeless. When some is willing to help the Poor, people like some of these, ungrateful people that left these comments. Need to understand, Beyoncé an the people involved, are giving an benefiting the community. There a lot of people struggling, in this world. So lets just be Thankful for these people being kind hearted, and giving back instead of taking away. Its all a Blessing from GOD. If you have ever slept outside, and then seen just the out side of these apartments you, would know what im saying.

  • This is just wonderful. I love seeing celebrities share what they have to make the world a better place. And let her name shine out to all the other celebrities blessed with fame and fortune and serve as a call to action. We need to help one another. I’d love a town where buildings were all named for the people who stood up to the plate to help. Rock on!

  • My name is Lanita Jackson. I am homeless but I have did income. I would like to move in . Can you help me?