A Drive by the Schoolbus-Turned-Drive-Thru-Taqueria on Crown St. in Fifth Ward

Taqueria Taconmadre at 610 Crown St., Fifth Ward, Houston, 77020

Here’s a late-afternoon shot of the drive-thru in action at Taqueria Taconmadre’s extended taco schoolbus, parked in its usual space this past weekend at the corner of Crown and Brownwood streets. The Taconmadre taqueros have been frequenting the concrete slab on the lot across the street from X-IT Bail Bonds for at least a decade, though the green vehicle employed has been upgraded from truck to bus to bus-plus during that time; the drive-thru setup was added in the most recent expansion a few years back. Those not comfortable breaking with standard foodtruck transaction protocol can still order on foot from the bus’s passenger side. 

The taqueria operates a brick-and-mortar drive-thru-or-sit-down spot at 905 Edgebrook Dr., between Ryan’s Express Dry Cleaners and Casa Tires; Taconmadre also lists Bellfort St. just west of I-45 as the normal location of another green (but non-drive-thru) truck, between dry cleaner St. Mary’s Washateria and GG’s Wheel & Tire.

Photo of Taqueria Taconmadre truck at 610 Crown St.: CW

Tacos in Idle

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  • Who knew there was a “standard foodtruck transaction protocol”?

  • While I love the buses, the food is serviceable at best. I stick with Tierra Caliente, El Ultimo or Taconazo when it comes to mobile Mexican food.

  • So what’s the hook? These are quite common all over east and southeast Houston. Just drive down Telephone Road and you will see at least 3.