A Few Reservations About a Downtown Hilton Garden Inn

That 11-story, 240-room Hilton Garden Inn the WEDGE Group International was planning to build next to the company’s Downtown tower has been put on hold — at least until September — a source tells Swamplot. Financing apparently wasn’t the issue. Our source says that Hilton’s executive board is being cautious, and “wanted to watch the Houston market conditions to see if it would be a wise placement.”

The hotel was planned to fit directly to the north of the WEDGE tower at 1415 Louisiana and cover the blank parking-garage wall facing Clay St.

Rendering of Proposed Hilton Garden Inn: Mitchell Carlson Stone

One Comment

  • Good thing it wasn’t a financing issue. Wedge has plenty of money to build the facility anyway.

    I hope the GHCVB can pull more usage of the GRB which is one of the bigger reasons to have more downtown hotel rooms outside of business use during the week.