A Flooded Ayrshire House’s Parade of Visitors, in 4 Videos

After Harvey hit, 2 and a half ft. of water coursed through the Adams family’s single-story home off Stella Link just north of Brays Bayou. In the video above, Tony Adams gives a tour of what was left after a dozen volunteers from Redemption Church on Timberside Dr. spent 4 hours last Thursday clearing it out and depositing the family’s ruined possessions by the curb.

Then on Sunday, more visitors came by:


On the lawn in front of the house, Martha Raddatz interviewed Republican senator Ted Cruz about North Korea and Houston, for ABC’s This Week:

Then, from the same spot, she interviewed Democratic congressman Joaquin Castro:

Later that day, 2 dozen more volunteers, this time from Mormon Helping Hands, pulled up all the floors in the home:

Videos: Tony Adams, ABC News

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