A Greek Restaurant Revival in Montrose

This 1920 house at 4210 Roseland is being renovated into a Greek restaurant. The reader who sends this photo estimates that it could be open next year. County records show that the house was last sold in 2010; it’s about 2,154 sq. ft. and sits on a 4,500-sq.-ft. lot just south of Colquitt and east of Montrose Blvd.

Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • Nice save but hopefully the Greek food won’t the the final feast for this beautiful home.

  • Hey, as long as it’s not being torn down for some 4 story townhouse I’m thrilled–hope it’s a success

  • This property was purchased in 2010 by the individual that owns the Texaco station, I believe he’s Greek, plus this property is in the FMC Historic District.

  • This property was purchased by Fivos Kazilas, who also owns or used to own the Shell gas station next to the house on Richmond and Montrose. Kazilas is a Greek name and the close proximity of the two properties it would make sense.

  • Thank goodness more Greek restaurants to give the current ones a well-needed kick in the pants competition-wise. Can’t stand the other “Greek” restaurant on Montrose, you know the one, they havent had anything worth bragging about since before the visit from Guy Fieri.

  • look like a good place for a high rise

  • I believe Jeff is correct that the FMC would preclude demolition, much less a high-rise. It goes to show how arbitrary “protection” from development is, since a mid- or high-rise would fit in very well with the existing and under-construction buildings nearby. Instead of a dense population to support the great restaurants already in place, my neighbors and I are stuck with an eyesore of a gas station and a restaurant that will struggle with parking for spread out customers.

    On the positive side, I’ll definitely try the new restaurant. I just hope they can get enough business.

  • mmmmm i smell the baklavas as we view it…good luck Kazilas

  • Live blocks away from the house. If in fact it’s going to be owned and operated by the same individual that owned or owns the Shell Gas Station,hope his prices want be as absurd as his gas prices.

  • Ha ha @DJ Hoke, I was just about to say the same thing: If Fivos prices his food like he prices his gasoline, prepare to take a thick wallet.

  • Forgot to say, I lived a block from here in the late 1980s and early 90s, and Fivos owned the gas station even back then. His prices were ridiculous back then, too. It’s silly, since there are competing gas stations (one’s even a Shell) just up Montrose at W. Alabama.

  • So the guy has had crazy high gas prices for 20-30 years and the place is still open? Sounds like he has got it figured out to me.