A Hate Heatmap; Imagining a Warmer Rodeo; From Sim City to City Planning

Photo of Discovery Green: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • An unknown person or group posted white supremacist flyers at The Rothko Chapel. The flyers read: “It’s OK to Be White.”

  • If an Extremist incident includes a seemingly innocuous ‘ok to be white’ letter or some dumb kids doing a hitler solute, I’d say we have almost run out of legitimate grievances. Follow up question – what does this article have anything to do with ‘Houston’s Real Estate Landscape’? because it has a map? what a low bar.

  • 19 “crimes” in Houston over the last 12 months? That’s a rounding error. It would appear the demand for hate crimes exceeds the supply.

  • ONE hate crime is too many, Txcon, but with your posting handle you may not agree

  • Apparently, Mr Clean and Eugene are not familiar with 4Chan. The “Its OK To Be White” signs were a prank began by readers of that particular website. The signs were placed on campuses all over the place. They were meant to troll the Leftists on Campus. And it worked. The “Woke” lost their minds, and more than a few responded with “It Is NOT OK To Be White”, which is a not uncommon sentiment among the Extreme Left

  • @city cynic Obviously one hate crime is too many (and I’m not sure putting up an “It’s OK to Be White” flyer is a “hate crime”), but for context there were 279 murders and 1,366 rapes in 2018. Murders were down slightly but rapes are up almost 120% over the last five years.

    I prefer to focus my outrage on a real issue, like why have rapes doubled and why do they only have a 40% clearance rate, instead of something that is statistically non-existent.