A Hotel ZaZa and Whole Foods at Memorial City; Why Johnny Carson Hung Around the Willowbrook Mall

esperson building reflection

Photo of the Neil Esperson building, reflected: Jackson Myers via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • I again reiterate my single developer comment about redevelopment along the Washington corridor. Outside the loop, a developer gets a 35 acre parcel and does an urban mixed use development. Inside the loop, four different developers get various portions of a 30+ acre parcel and do strip malls, pencil box apartments and big box suburban stores. Without any planning or zoning, the redevelopment of smaller parcels is inefficient and does not maximize the use of the land the way the redevelopment of a single large parcel does. The redevelopment of the Washington Corridor is basically left to the luck of the draw as to whether a single developer can acquire enough land to do a quality project or whether the parcels to be redeveloped are spread out over several different developers who provide no continuity or synergy between each strip mall and pencil box apartment complex. Hope for the best, expect the worst.

  • The traffic at that intersection is already terrible. Cars entering the gated apartments across Bunker Hill stop traffic southbound just below the intersection, then the light at Gaylord has no dedicated right or left turn lanes. So people southbound turning left and northbound turning left also stop traffic.

    And are they doing anything for flood mitigation? Bunker Hill floods very quickly.

    What will this do for property values abutting Bunker HIll in Hedwig Village?

  • Old school: nothing stopping a Dev from buying that all. If they have a project that can make use of it all, and that’s indeed the highest and best use of the land, then they’ll be able to pay more than anyone else.