A Houston Heights Bungalow with All the Trimmings, Including the Price



Better watch the decimal point when listing a property — though the resulting 90 percent drop in asking price did certainly catch a few eyeballs for this snappy Houston Heights home. When first listed on Tuesday, the initial asking price had an extra zero at the end of it, but was quickly revised later that day to $759,900. Back in 2011, the current owners paid $403,000 for it and appear to have re-renovated, further toning the trimmed abode.




Located west of Yale St., the home faces east on Rutland St. in the Houston Heights West Historic District.



HCAD indicates a 2000 remodeling to the subsequently tweaked 2,324-sq.-ft. home. Might there have been some sort of wall between the living and dining rooms?







Some of the kitchen ceiling lifts into a half-vault:



French doors in the dining room lead to a walk-through office area shared with the staircase:


Two of the home’s 3 bedrooms are on the first floor:




The second floor, however, is all master suite:








This room behind the garage is available for games or guests:


A full bathroom comes with it, though the tight shower stall has proportions an airline would love:


Adjusting the Contrast

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  • One handsome abode, though taller folks might find the master BR a trial. But please, lose the sagos by the front porch.

  • They’ve also gone down considerably from their original list price. Act now.

    Reduced 90.00%
    Original List Price: $7,599,000
    Price Reduced: -$6,839,100
    Current List Price: $759,900
    Last Reduction on: 06/03/2014

  • Heights bungalow prices are out of control insane at the moment. Taxes are rising accordingly.. I got a 100k increase this year..

  • Thank goodness they’re selling the house and not interior design services.

  • I think I would have changed-out that shower for a frameless at this price…

  • Cannot stop thinking about this – who uses glass blocks anymore? They make my blood pressure spike.

  • I saw this house during an open house before the current renovations. It had a lot of home depot quality work done on it and was pretty dismal on the interior. Thus the glass blocks.

    I really like the kitchen and the rest of what they did with the house is pretty nice. Obviously, the furniture is staging stuff from the realtor. No fault there. But I think the best part of the property is all the great greenspace. Almost every house in the Heights is putting on so much sq ft that everyone is left with a little postage stamp of grass between their house and the garage in back. This house has a nice sized yard in the front and huge yard in back. If I had the cash, I would gladly pay 750k for a place like this with lots of great greenspace than for the lotline things that have another 500-800 sq ft, but barely enough room for a picnic table in back.

  • This home was featured on House Hunters reality show when they were in Houston. It was the property that the clients ended up buying. They had said that they did not plan to stay more than five years. Their name was Guidry, as is displayed in the kitchen.

  • Is gray the new beige now?

  • @Karma, yes, yes it is.