A Houston Home Sales Record; Another Poke Restaurant for the Bayou City


Photo of drilling piers on Mulberry Ln. in Bellaire: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • #ChickenDistrict 🙄🐔
    Ha. Y’all know nothing of a real Chicken Destination. Try the corner of Veterans Memorial & Greens (Popeye’s, Hartz, Timmy Chan’s, & Louisiana Fried on one corner or Scott in 3rd Ward (2 Frenchys, Popeye’s, Wingstop, Timmy Chan’s

  • Without fried butter Get Fried Fry Cafe is sure to fail.

  • Based on the resume of the founders, my guess is that Local Foods serves great food, but that location is better suited to a bar than to casual fine dining. The lunch crowd almost demands tunnel access and the downtown night time crowd isn’t particularly sophisticated. Good luck.

  • Could sure go for a Timmy Chan’s in the ‘trose. I’d say that 3rd ward corner is the winner.

  • The Local Foods is a great play. It might be a first mover, but this is the direction downtown needs to go. You need these trendier restaurants in the area. The amount of multifamily in the area that is and will be opening in the coming year should command this type of dining.