A Just-Opened Source for Houston Building Data

A JUST-OPENED SOURCE FOR HOUSTON BUILDING DATA A 3-month-old website that aims to collect and broadcast detailed information about existing buildings — including photos, square footage counts, ownership and management contacts, projects and renovations, and LEED certification levels — opened its catalog of Austin, Dallas, and Houston commercial and mixed-use structures this week. HonestBuildings.com claims to have detailed online profiles already available on a total of 95,000 buildings in those 3 Texas cities, and on a total of 475,000 nationwide. Many of the Houston listings contain only cursory info so far, but the company is hoping local building managers will provide details to fill out the extensive list of data categories. The New York and Seattle-based startup appears to focus on issues of energy efficiency, allowing companies that provide related services to showcase and target their work — and users to compare building data.

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  • I’m sure their website looks stunning on their fancy office computers, but it’s virtually unusable on mine.

  • Spoonman: IE6 doesn’t count as a browser, so don’t complain when using it.

  • Jason, how do you know what he is using? It didn’t work for me at all in terms of search (safari on iPad).
    You can have all the tech and data in the world but if you fail at the execution of presenting it to people by the way they consume data, you still fail.

  • I know SEO & know IE is still the leading browser. Not because it’s the best, but because Microsoft is it’s maker. More than 80% still uses IE – fact. Didn’t work for me on Chrome.

  • Northside:

    Not sure where you get your ‘facts’


    Chrome is more popular than IE.

  • What does popularity have to do with anything? If the site was standards complaint I could view it in IE, Chrome, or my iPhone.