A Little Bit Country, a Little Bit Town

This Fonn Villas cul-de-sac saltbox backs up to the Town & Country Candlewood Suites. That puts it within range of the afternoon shadows of CityCentre‘s taller buildings. Inside, a lot has changed since 1964: A recent kitchen renovation includes an eat-in island where seated family members can watch a wall-mounted TV, monitor the wine closet or powder room, or just stare out the window if they don’t feel like talking to each other. The place was listed just last Friday, for $559,000.


The 4-bedroom, 2 1/2-bath home has a tandem garage with doors at either end. There’s 2,505 sq. ft. of living space on the 9,329-sq.-ft. lot.

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  • The exterior of this place is exactly the kind of house I always pictured myself living in when I was a kid. Well, that didn’t happen. You certainly have to work to get to this house’s location. Wow. Had to keep zooming out on the map to figure out how you even get in the neighborhood.

    Kind of goofy quote from the listing:
    “People who live in Fonn Villas stay in Fonn Villas!”
    Uh, all except the people selling this house?

  • Growing up in an adjacent neighborhood, I can speak to the “People who live in Fonn Villas stay in Fonn Villas!” quote. In these neighborhoods back in Memorial, people buy a larger home in the same exact subdivision (or tear down the existing home and build a McMansion) when they need to expand. They do the same thing when they need to downsize: buy a smaller home, maybe a ranch-style, but always in the same subdivision. It’s the damnedest thing.

  • That’s a good location. I bet they get some noise from the freeways though. I drove through this area this weekend and I’m afraid I couldn’t move here. There are so many speed bumps and stop signs that I would need a new clutch every year.

  • Is this house the evil twin of the Locke Lane house from last week?

  • I’m afraid if you mention the house from last week those kids will lash out again. Don’t disturb the beasts!

  • Carol,
    Couldn’t agree more.

    Alternatively, this owner could come on board here and do the same so I’m not talking!!

  • You guys are slacking!!!!

    Where’s all the HATE?!?!? C’mon..surely this house SUCKS in at least 10 ways….y’all are getting so soft.

  • Hater,
    Going after this house is like trying to punch a cup of vanilla custard in the ‘nads.
    There is no calliope in the rumpus room to mock. No discount Hall of Mirrors to deride. Nary a bevy of Spring Bok heads lining the walls, nor herds of cattle skins adorning the marble floors, can be found in this fine salt box. Little Elliot’s do-it-yourself version of Serrano’s “Piss Christ (with #2!)” is nowhere to be seen. It’s pretty much tabula rasa with some ecru, antique white, eggshell, and Sonoran sand thrown in the mix. To answer the eternal question of, “Is there color in your world?” Sometimes, not so much.

  • Nice church pew in the Entry Foyer.

  • Is being too boring-tasteful “just nice” mock-able? The only thing that stands out is that bedspread (eye scanning pictures: blah blah blah blah blah *PINK* blah blah blah).

  • all i got to say is quit hatin’, get money!

    and correct me if i’m wrong, but aren’t houses for sale USUALLY empty and boring looking, since, ya know, the person is moving everything out of them? just a guess…

  • er…housepest–

    you must not have seen the Locke Ln house. Anything but empty and boring. Just sayin’…..

  • ah, yes, i see…after close examination of peewees playhouse, i believe i would prefer a blank canvas such as this to work with

  • Cool house…and anyone is is anybody should know that pink is for lil’ girls…Gezzzzzz! Some people need to get a real life… or maybe a real job instead of house critiquing