A Little Church Retreat in Highlands

How best to describe this unique home? We’ll give it a stab: Elegant, modern, cathedral-like little 6-bedroom, 8-1/2-bath getaway on the right bank of the sometime-fiery San Jacinto River in Highlands. Interior rock waterfall at entry, park-like 2.3-acre setting bounded by small creek. Floor-to-ceiling windows bring in plenty of light and refined air. Pink Kitchen with circular island. Just Minutes north of the Lynchburg Ferry. Built in 1972.

And the price for all this fabulousness?


An earlier listing shows the 10,402-sq.-ft. property priced at $848,000. But it’s been re-listed since mid January at $699,500.

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  • Damn! Jackie Treehorn would have loved that property!

  • It’s kind of like the A.D. Bruce Religion Center at UH mated with a rancher. This place is groove-tastic! I love the name of the neighborhood, “Elena Fruit Cotton Farms”.

  • I had to blink after I though I saw Dolly Parton standing in that kitchen. Alas, it was just an illusion.

    I kind of appreciate the style. As with all “old” things, the further we move away from 1972, the more retro and historic the style becomes, after humping over the “old” phase, which lasts for at least 20 years.

    Is that 1970’s look going to be all the rage, say in the 2020’s?

  • It’s still shouting oil baron chic.

  • Wow. It’s kind of cool, but isn’t Highlands just the higher end of Baytown?

  • It’s actually “worn well” and the kitchen-in-the-round is actually quite functional and you gotta love those windows not only in the kitchen but everywhere else.

    But I sense two things. Huge electric bills. And lots of snakes. Especially if it floods. Which raises the question of whether the house has ever been flooded.

  • High lands…I doubt it has flooded

  • Looks like mighty pretty country outside those windows……

  • side by side dishwashers!

  • Where’s the interior rock waterfall?

  • What a great movie set this would make. And the mirrored fireplace is beyond fabulous.

  • Highlands has a surprising number of large haciendas. This one is particularly fabulous.

  • I think I saw this house in “Walk the Line”

  • @Schwaghag: It appears to be right by the entry, in the 3rd and 4th photos. Looks like the water’s been turned off.

  • @ cross- ZING!