A Little Stafford Romance: Crossing the Bridge to Dover Castle

This grand 8,000-sq.-ft. residence in Braeburn Gardens comes with its own private bridge to whisk you and your beloved over the moat drainage ditch in front. And the 1.6-acre-plus grounds are protected (mostly) by a brick wall — which helps to block out the view of all those trucks hanging out in that lot facing Airport Blvd. in back. “Construction Company is not part of property,” the listing helpfully informs.

But the gazebo is!

Sadly, no photos of the home’s presumably impressive main entrance are included, though several interior shots demonstrate that walls throughout the structure are “incredibly thick” — in the words of the reader who brought it to Swamplot’s attention. That includes the wood planter in the Family Room, the whirlpool tub in a Sitting Room off the Master Bedroom, and the “Cement block room” hidden behind Bedroom #3.

How much does a single-story, 3-4 bedroom, early-’80s castle go for these days?


Home needs work but at $48.83 psf, this is an exceptional deal. Priced below assessed value & is being sold ‘AS IS’.

Late last month the asking price was reduced more than $15K, to $384,800.

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  • WOW. So this is what cocaine-fueled cold war paranoia produced. I bet they had some PARTIES in there back in the day. That bar is awesome.

  • Wow, to be a fly on those thick walls back in the day…

  • Empty houses always look so sad… but Jimmy Jonestown comes to mind looking at these pics; it’s creepy & quirky.

    Looks from the aerial that the house & the ‘construction company’ WERE very much related to begin with.

    Perhaps this place could be turned into a corporate retreat.
    Or host a Biggest Loser TV show where participants heave construction materials around and get the landscaping back into shape!

  • I wonder if that wet bar includes Lloyd from the Overlook Hotel.

  • There is even a sidewalk directly connecting the house to the construction company’s dirt lot.

    That little neglected tree in the family room planter is dying for some water…

  • It’d make a great set for a porn production.

  • BINGO! I was looking for a new location for my brothel.

  • Well, wouldn’t this have been a fun NGG?

  • There’s a really bad suggestion in the HAR listing to click on “bird’s eye view” to see how big the house is. Because that then shows you that this thing backs up to a big trucking depot. Yeah… I wanna live with that!

  • ^CBM, yep, off 59-S is a good location for a brothel…

  • Looks like this was originally a property on Airport Blvd that someone replatted (with or without permit) and built a bridge to connect to Dover St.

  • Amazing place — I’d love to see it in person.

    Looking on google — it also looks like there might be a trailer park just to the west of it. Might want to make that wall a bit higher?

    I wonder how long it has been vacant and on the market. And also can’t help wondering about the owner — did the excessive 80’s lifestyle kill him?