A Local Election Campaign That’s Only Out To Destroy the Opposition

Here’s the kind of campaign true fans of demolition can get behind: That’s Houston’s Mayor Annise Parker in the driver’s seat, about to trash a balcony at the Winfield I Condominiums at 10110 Forum West Dr., near the intersection of the Southwest Fwy. and Beltway 8. In taking the ceremonial first whack at a derelict complex, the city’s honorary demolisher-in-chief is campaigning in favor of a city bond issue on the November ballot that would generate $15 million to remove “blighted properties” like the Winfield. Though Proposition E is listed as a measure for housing bonds, the mayor’s office notes, the funds would “all go toward demolishing dangerous and abandoned buildings to make way for future affordable housing.”

Photo: Jessica Michan

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  • oh yes please and she can start across the street from my house!

  • Sounds like more blowing smoke like the “drainage fee” mess.

    “A measure for housing bonds” does not equal demolition money.

    I hate to be a doubting thomas but once you give it to them, you ain’t gettin’ it back.

  • I really like the moniker Demolisher in Chief!
    Better than even Governator.

  • That looks like fun.

  • If the City wants to demolish something, shouldn’t they create ordinances that govern the process so that they can follow through and then place a lien upon the property that can be followed up by a lawsuit and a constable sale? The City would recoup its money, so why would it need to issue a bond?

  • Let the stereotypes fly!

    Lesbian Mayor Does Demolition Work! LOL

    And before someone yells gaycist, just remember I’m just a pot calling the kettle black.

  • Affordable housing = Section 8

  • This whole bond deal is questionable. Who is going to follow up to see if the properties are in fact turned into affordable housing?

  • I voted no across the board on any bond issues, clean up what you have already burdened the taxpayers with before you ask for more….