A Long Holiday Break for Kirby Construction

A LONG HOLIDAY BREAK FOR KIRBY CONSTRUCTION Good news! The drainage work that’s turned Kirby Dr. between Westheimer and Richmond into a dusty obstacle course is almost over — for the year, at least: “Construction work will pause from Nov. 21 through Jan. 2, said Travis Younkin, capital projects coordinator for the Upper Kirby District. Work along side streets will continue, though. ‘We can’t have construction crews working on the street during the busiest shopping season of the year,’ Younkin said. The $18 million project, managed by the Upper Kirby District Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone, is scheduled to be completed by next November.” [Houston Chronicle, via BlogHouston]

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  • Are the overhead utility lines along Kirby going to go underground as part of this project? Any guesses when the work will be completed?

  • There isn’t that much in the way of retail between Westheimer & Richmond, so are the contractors running out of money? And, the lanes are poorly marked.

  • You’re not kidding about the lanes being poorly marked. I drive this stretch every morning and they’re constantly changing the lanes based on what they’re working on that week. There are at least two sets of yellow lane markers so sometimes it’s tough to know if you’re even driving on the correct side of the street!

  • What? Stop construction? They certainly aren’t going to remove the barriers and open all the lanes. What difference does it make if they are working or not, the roads will still be a mess, traffic will still be bad and the job will still be incomplete. Hurry up and finish the job!

  • I’m with you, Groove. Finish the effing mess, lease those shops in whatever that goofy mall is called and plant the new trees.

  • I am so sick of this. It took me 40 minutes to get back from lunch (Shepherd & Alabama to Greenway Plaza). And where it used to take me 8 minutes to get home (Dunlavy/Fairview area), it takes 30 but only because i take every path of least resistance i can find. Now i almost wish I lived in Sugarland. I moved here because of location even though its more expensive and although I live 3.4 miles from work, my boss who lives in Sugarland gets home before me. In California they did this crap at night. But I guess all these guys would be too drunk by then.

  • oops. he lives in Katy but still makes it home before i do.