A Low-Slung, Low-Key Mod in Lake Jackson

To see the Mods of the Month this time, you’ll have to head out to Lake Jackson. One of the 3 featured homes has already gone Option Pending, but this one, a few miles off the Nolan Ryan Expressway at 530 Circle Way St., is still available at $179,900. Designed by Houston architect Allen R. Williams, who began his career working with John Staub, the 1954 3-bedroom, 2-bath mod sits on a creek-edged property near the Lake Jackson Intermediate School.


The 2,232-sq.-ft. home has a 21-ft.-by-22-ft. living room, which isn’t shown in the listing. Neither are any of the 3 bedrooms — 13 ft. by 14 ft., 12 ft. by 14 ft., and 13 ft. by 17 ft.

In fact, most of the listing’s pictorial attention is given over to the kitchen:

Through that open shelving you can see the laundry cranny:

Off the kitchen is this dining nook:

And the rest of the listing seems devoted to the house’s recreational spaces.

The covered patio with a hot tub:

And billiards wing:

And the 2 bathrooms:

The backyard of the 28,762-sq.-ft. property runs into the aforementioned creek:

Photos: HAR

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  • I would like to know what’s on the other side of that glass block in the bathroom. Hopefully, it’s behind a fenced area. I do like the cubby hole wall idea in the other bathroom – very functional.
    As for the kitchen, I’m not quite OCD enough to have glass cabinet fronts.

  • This house has the most impressive exterior of those on tour. The Schult house seems to win for the best interior.

  • I’m really looking forward to seeing these tomorrow. I’ve been admiring them from the street for a long time.

  • Y’all come on down. It’s freeway almost all the way and the houses are really close together. If you’ve never seen Lake Jackson, you should check it out, especially this older section.

  • People, please pay the extra grand for the counter-depth refrigerator!