A Mattress Store Has Closed in Montrose

An intrepid mattress-store-monitoring reader notes that the Mattress 1 One (yeah, that’s how the company spells it out) in the northernmost spot of the strip center at S. Shepherd and W. Alabama across from CVS has closed down. Desperate mattress seekers need not worry, though: Plenty more outlets are available to pick up the slack. A note taped to the front door of the spot at 3101 S. Shepherd Dr., which despite the prominently placed Kensinger Donnelly FOR LEASE signs on the space insists that the location is only “closed for renovation,” directs would-be customers to the chain’s nearest still-open store: a full 3 blocks north on Shepherd, just south of Westheimer.

If that location doesn’t work for you, the Texas-and-Florida mattress chain lists a total of 16 Mattress 1 One locations within a 5-mile radius — though that includes the still-listed Shepherd-and-Alabama spot. And don’t forget competitor Mattress Firm, which has 18 locations of its own within that same area.

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  • I didn’t think it was possible for mattress stores to close (save for mergers or buyouts).

    Also, the name “Mattress 1 One” is a terrible name. I know only one one (heh) is used when you say it out loud, but still. I guess the original owner thought that redundancy of the store name would be a good way to drum up publicity?

  • mattress 2 have a better staff anyway and there store is clean.

  • Many years ago this was a thriving, happy planet – people, cities, shops, a normal world. Except that on the high streets of these cities there were slightly more mattress shops than one might have thought necessary. And slowly, insidiously, the number of the mattress shops were increasing. It’s a well-known economic phenomenon but tragic to see it in operation, for the more mattress shops there were, the more mattresses they had to make and the worse and more unsleepable they became. And the worse they were to sleep on, the more people had to buy to keep themselves sleeping, and the more the shops proliferated, until the whole economy of the place passed what I believe is termed the Mattress Event Horizon, and it became no longer economically possible to build anything other than mattress shops. Result – collapse, ruin and famine. Most of the population died out.

  • Oh no – now I have to drive a few more blocks to find another mattress store! This also applies to every other mattress store in the greater Houston area.

  • Yeah, but the problem is, you get rid of one and four more grow back in its place.

  • There has got to be some kind of conspiracy going on. There is never anyone in any of their locations or MatressFirm at any time of day except the person that works there. There are 2 Matress1One locations right across the street from each other at Richmond and 610. Anywhere there is a Starbucks, there is a mattress store very close by. I have no knowledge of anyone, or anyone that knows anyone that has purchased a mattress from either of these two stores. Someone please explain how and why

  • http://freakonomics.com/podcast/mattress-store-bubble/

    Freakonomics did a podcast on Mattress stores in Houston.