A Metal-Sided, Track-Side Kalitta Contemporary

Among a trio of metal-clad homes built a decade or so ago north of a Washington Corridor rail yard and a few blocks east of Heights Blvd. is this tilt-topped contemporary sited in a neighborhood someone decided to name Kalitta. Its stained concrete flooring on the first level glows beneath the furry exposed truss ceiling. The 2001 property showed up on the market last Tuesday, asking $425,000.


The 2,379-sq.-ft. home has 2 or 3 bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms (the sellers are more certain of that count), and a cardio-boosting extra-tall staircase hugging the wall. The master suite (elongated to include a sitting area by its entry) is downstairs:

The master bathroom has a steam shower. (Laundry? Head to the attached garage.)

The mostly all-in-one living-dining area measures 25 ft. by 29 ft. Here’s its current “room” configuration, viewed from the loft:

A peek through the iron portion of the gated 4,950-sq.-ft property (above) shows the vacant lot next door and a townhome development on the block behind it. There’s a balcony off the east side of the second floor, shaded by the roof’s overhang:

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  • To me, six-panel “Colonist” interior doors are incongruous with modern/contemporary design. Other than that, LOVE it. And look at that sexy long driveway!

  • Beautiful house. Now let’s demolish it and build three Italianate monstrosities in its place. After all, we need more density Inside the Loop. And Inner Loopers who have grass around their homes are selfish.
    OK. That’s my sarcastic quip for the day….

  • Kallita?

    Is that the sound the trains make as they go past the back door?

    kallita kallita kallita kallita

  • This is already a classic considering it’s a very rare non-townhouse single-family residence built in the western inner loop this century.

  • Who doesn’t enjoy a little Kalitta-ris?

  • This is the quintessential Houston neighborhood: the residential house made of tin, factories/warehouses, railroad tracks, a cemetery, a school, vacant lots, new townhouses–all within a ~100 meter radius.

  • Everything about this house is nice. Lot size is listed at just under 5000sqft sounds about 1200 to 1500 sqft smaller than it really is. If this lot is really the size that is listed there would really be no yard at all something about this listing does not sound right

  • It needs first floor retail

  • Benny, would you settle for the interior looking like first floor retail? This place could be a coffee shop.

  • Vonroach- That’s funny! kallita kallita kallita kallita kallita kallita kallita kallita kallita kallita kallita kallita. LMAO!

  • Ugh, are people still mining the ‘first floor retail’ thing for jokes? I don’t even think Michael Scott would beat a dead joke for that long.

  • The ceiling fan blades in the living room/bedroom(s) look like the blades on prop plane engines looming overhead.Ready to slice & dice whomever gets in the way!!!

  • The lot’s more of a trapezoid, 33 ft. length in the back but 67 ft. across in the front, so the lot has more usable front green space. There’s no back yard.

  • I love it. Hubby and I want something just like that, but not so close to the tracks. Don’t trust the “quiet zone” thing.

  • Not a fan. Don’t like the lack of ceiling, but I do like the stained concrete. Otherwise, the best thing about it is the yard. Glad there aren’t any of those metal houses near me.

  • Kallita? What’s a kallita? Nope, that’s the old “colored” side of Chaneyville. Look it up. When the last old house goes, the only remnant will be Olivewood Cemetery.

  • I like everything about this home can’t imagine it staying on the market long.

  • Would be nice to have a porous driveway, especially in that neighborhood.

  • Option pending!