A Midcentury Bayou-Side Braes Heights Home’s Blind Ambition



Down came the curtains and up went the price of this sturdy 1955 home with stone and tile floors, among other original touches. It sits on an over-sized lot fronting the north bank of Brays Bayou just west of Edloe in Braes Heights. Back in May 2012, the midcentury property sold for $313,000. Its November 2013 listing has a $495,000 asking price. Will it flip? Although the current description touts the lingering livability of the existing home, it makes no mention of any specific updates in the interim, though judging from the latest pics the interior does appear to have lightened up with fresh paint and the jettisoning of old-school window treatments.



The living room’s double window swapped out the old sheers (above) for new blinds (below). It’s a window-wear decision that works its way around the home:


The dining room, also at the front of the house, is through the door at the left . . .


Slats now also cover the view . . .


that previously peeked through:


At the back of the 2,440-sq.-ft. home, there’s a family room accented by ceiling timbers, a brick wall, a mod fireplace in the corner, and some paneling above the service bar window. Here’s the before:


And here’s the after, which shows a bit more of the view into the back yard through mostly unadorned sliding glass doors:


And the kitchen? A closeup in the previous listing looked like this:



And now? There’s a new light fixture, and the curtains have split:


The home doesn’t have a garage, but there is a double-wide carport, right off the kitchen. Over the sink, the view is into the side yard.


The kitchen-to-family room looksee comes with a bar sink:


Before or after?


In the master suite at the back of the house, a neat, frosted off-center set of windows over the vanity lets in diffused light from the north:



The previous listing’s photo had a slightly closer view of the single-sink vanity and its adjacent necessaries:


Heeding the caution light yellow paint beyond the doorway appears to lead to the master bathroom’s inner sanctum:


Here’s a secondary bedroom at the front of the home, all fresh and clean after saying goodbye to . . .


these old high-water draperies:


And here’s the middle ground, now with window blinds . . .


instead of fluttering tab panels:


The second bathroom has a sliding door between a vanity area looking a bit renewed by an egg yolk treatment and the peachy tub and toilet compartment:




A brick patio (above) connects the bedroom wing, family room, and kitchen. The smaller wing also houses the utility room  . . .


now with horizontal blinds instead of these vertical gathers:


The fenced back yard is lightly grassed:


Out front, the bayou and its trail are steps away from the 13,559-sq.-ft. lot:


Curtains Called

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  • Why would someone put a victorian-style oval-glassed front door on a Mid Century?

  • 1. The neighborhood calls itself Braeswood Place, not Braes Heights.
    2. Did it flood during Allison? A lot of the neighborhood did.
    3. It faces busy S. Braeswood/Beechnut (altho the side faces a nice little park area along the bayou)
    4. The finishes aren’t that great for the price
    5. It’s too much for a tear down. Think more like $400,000, especially on that street with heavy traffic.

  • I am not posting just to be a naysayer but the comps look to me to be $375-400 max.

  • Flippers are a funny bunch, they watch too much HGTV and ignore reality like comps, carry costs, commissions etc. They forget that those people on TV mostly make their money off the show itself, not what the flipping. When those shows do the numbers, they only add what it cost to buy, supposed cost of work, and then what they sold it for. If you account for commissions, taxes, interest carry, seller’s commissions, closing costs for both transactions, and then have to divide the profit among partners…they’re working for minimum wage.

  • Bayou frontage + tile everywhere = past flooding. Caveat emptor.

  • Actually it’s on North Braeswood, I live accross the street a block to the east.

    And if you think a third of an acre in a good neighborhood inside the loop is overpriced at $500k, then you haven’t been paying attention.

  • Nice home I just do not like the brown title floor. There area is really nice I could never life on a street that busy and that close to brase bayou

  • What’s under (or over) the acoustic tile in the kitchen?

  • 4718 N Braeswood, better condition,same size and a larger lot, active listing for $385k. The comps don’t lie.

  • Blind ambition is an understatement and I’d bet money (not that I have any) the house has flooded in the past!

  • Colleen: Yes, this home did indeed flood during Tropical Storm Alison back in 2001. All the homes in that section along N. Braeswood got 3 feet of water in them. :(

    Love some of the architectural details in the house, but I wouldn’t want to live in a place that would flood so easily.

  • Another overpriced bayou-side, flood-prone garage-less property. Your cars will just float off into the distance.