A Mixed Use Medley off Main

The three buildings listed as 6204 Main St. lie not on the tree-lined block near Rice University, but rather its mixed-use counterpart on North Main. Asking $260,000, the property includes a vacant warehouse flanked by two homes, squeezed onto a quarter-acre in the Rodgers Park area, just south of Sunset Heights and 2 blocks from Metro’s Heights Transit Center.

The warehouse anchors the southeast corner of N. Main and E. 23rd. It’s in “poor condition,” according to the listing. The adjacent houses, meanwhile, are generating rental income. They date back to the late 1920s. The dimensions of every room are described as 10 ft. x 10 ft.


Both houses have floor heaters, window air cooling units, window bars, and driveways, not garages. The 4-room house south of the warehouse lends its address to the listing package. It’s pulling $450 a month in rent, claims the seller. Around the corner at 806 E. 23rd, east of the warehouse, the other house has “four tenants that pay approximately $100.”

The rental home at 6204 N. Main St. has a driveway and a short brick wall between its front porch and the street.

The second rental home, at 806 E. 23rd St., appears to have access to a side lot.

(For a bigger slice of the block, check out its eastern half, which fronts the Studewood St. curve where it morphs into Gibbs St. It’s dominated by a fenced storage lot for vehicles. The land beneath is listed at $1.14 million for 1.14 acres that “may” include 9 lots located on both sides of Studewood at Nadine St. That listing uses 1136 Nadine St. as the property’s main address and notes the “owner may subdivide.” A previous description of the property cited 11 lots on 1.4 acres and sought $1.6 million.)

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  • i really admire the brokers that will take multiple quality photographs of a home or building, then put it on HAR like this is a model of living. I really appreciate it as a buyer, actually.

    So many houses will just show the outside, reminding you this is for lot value only. While it is true, I want to see what has been going on in there, regardless.

  • I know that not everyone has the financial means to fancify their homes, but it still makes me sad to see the condition of some of what some of our neighbors call home– especially when I see childrens’ toys or evidence of an elderly resident (see photo 11). :-(

  • Glad to see it is only a matter of time before more blighted property is cleared off of N. Main and hopefully replaced with something decent.

  • E Sunset Heights has been improving quite rapidly in the past 2 or 3 years. Cleaning up N. Main and getting rid of the vehicle storage lot would certainly accelerate this process.

  • Judge not lest ye be judged. You are fortunate, not everyone is so lucky.

  • Those pictures remind me of pictures of living conditions in Appalachia LBJ used to promote his “War on Poverty”. With the exception of indoor plumbing, clearly not a lot has changed in 40+ years.

  • PLEASE…somebody buy these terrible eyesores. The commercial building has been rumored in the past to be a coyote stash house. The other houses are also eyesores in an otherwise nicely up and coming area.

  • I know the sentiment is “anything is better than what’s there” but please, can we say no to a yellow stucco strip mall or box of bricks? At that asking price, I doubt it. The bottom feeder developers will grab it and do the cheapest project possible, completely disregarding the potential for the fastest profit.

  • Good luck getting that financed!

  • Yea to the post from Corey.

  • I live in this area. From my count there is 9 properties for sale in this 2 block area. 3 of them are basically junk yards. One of the houses has a large yard that looks like it is being used as an impromptu car repair lot. There is a whole block that looks like it could be torn down and rebuilt.

  • A million dollars an acre will clear a lot of junk fast and non-junk fast. The bungalows come after the low hanging fruit.