A More Permanent Home for Heights Snoball Slingers

Looks like MAM’s House of Ice will be opening inside this 780-sq.-ft. former paint supply liquor store at 1040 W. Cavalcade — just in time for winter! This spot is a bit east of where the sky-blue dessert trailer usually parks at Rutland and 20th. Why here? The owners explain to Eater Houston that they “‘tried really hard not to go into a strip center because [they] wanted to have green space’ so that families could go out, extend blankets on the green and enjoy the outdoor picnic tables.” HCAD records show that this new lot comes in at 3,500 sq. ft.

Photo: Eater Houston

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  • Paint supplies! I hope the place has been thoroughly detoxified.

  • Does this mean that we might see them complete an order in under 45 minutes now?

  • A fresh papaya salad and a hot Thai curry at Asia Market, followed by a cooling sno-ball at MAM’s next door, ending with a short walk to D&T Drive Inn on Enid @ Cavalcade for a local beer. That’s my Brooke Smith!

  • > Does this mean that we might see them
    > complete an order in under 45 minutes now?

    You got it HHB – we gave up on them last summer when we had to wait an hour in the blazing heat for them to serve us our order. I felt foolish since they always took forever.

    I could never figure out why they were sooooo slowwwww…

  • meanwhile… the raspas place on Main street nearby will continue to sell late into the night at a fraction of the cost… MAMs is a freaking joke. $4 for a snowcone, what do you think you are a sporting event?

  • Just to clear up some comments:
    This building was never a paint supply that is across the street.
    and Yes the whole reason to have a bigger place is to have more than one machine to go faster…it does take longer than a raspa stand but that is part of the difference of quality of ice of a Snoball vs. Raspa.
    And our prices are $2-$4.
    Hope to see you all there we couldn’t be more excited for our neighborhood!!

  • I could not be more thrilled. I didn’t get one last year because their popularity had them so busy, and my summer was not the same. These two are very deserving of all their continued success; they’ve worked hard for it.

  • @Mary Ann McBee: Thanks! The story has been updated.