A New Costume for Dominic Walsh Dance Theater

The rather plain-looking headquarters of the Dominic Walsh Dance Theater company at the corner of Dunlavy and Fairview is getting more than just a new coat of paint. The building at 2311 Dunlavy is slated for a redesign by another building tenant, DiNunzio Lifestyle Architecture, which will create a new entrance facing Fairview and add several new materials to the exterior. “It is going to really catch your eye when it’s done!” reads a note on the architecture firm’s Facebook page.


Photos: DiNunzio Lifestyle Architecture

5 Comment

  • It’s a nice improvement, but I wouldn’t call the architect’s rendition eye catching.

  • Be kind to your neighbors and plant some street trees please.

  • Wow, I think the rendition looks extremely cool. Driving by I had noticed what a great difference just changing the color had made- will be a treat to watch the changes

  • It’s definitely an improvement, but I have a hard time understanding what the architect’s vision was for the changes. I guess there isn’t much you can do with a box like that.

  • We are very sensitive to our neighbors, surroundings, and environment. We will be planting trees and adding landscaping to soften the streetscape and make the corner not only a nice place to look at, but a great place to be. We hope you all like the changes!