A New Ferrari Dealership Moves in Under a Woodlands Parking Garage

Ferrari of The Woodlands, 1501 Lake Robbins Dr., Suite 150, The Woodlands, Texas

The ground floor lease space labeled Suite 150 in the 2,000-car parking garage at 1501 Lake Robbins Dr. in The Woodlands Town Center — just a couple doors down from the storefront in the same building that used to house Northside Fiat — is now home to the Houston area’s second factory authorized Ferrari dealership. Unlike your typical dealership (and the same owner’s Ferrari of Houston, at the top of the bend of the Southwest Fwy.), there’s no lot and no service or parts department.


Ferrari of The Woodlands, 1501 Lake Robbins Dr., Suite 150, The Woodlands, Texas

It’s all an indoor 5,000-sq.-ft. showroom with sliding glass doors that open onto Lake Robbins Dr. to bring cars in and out, or the occasional test-drive of a brand-new Ferrari 488GTB on display. The 4-year-old building faces away from Waterway Square and is only a couple blocks away from The Woodlands Mall; the Cycles TX bike shop is next door.

Photos: Eric Forsythe

Waterway Square

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  • Fiiiiinally! I’m tired of doing my daily shopping at the other Ferrari dealership next to a flea market and massage parlor.

  • What’s the story behind the location of that dealership at 59S/Westpark? Was that specific area super-high end at some point?

  • @Rodrigo: That location was never “super-high end”, but it comes from a time when the gap between high and low ends was smaller. There used to be used car lots on Kirby, right next to River Oaks mansions. Houston wasn’t always as economically segregated.

  • @Memebag
    GASP! [Holds chest as monocle drops into martinee]

  • I’ve always wanted to check out the Ferrari dealership of the 59, but it’s location was awful. Guess I’ll stick to The Woodlands when I shop for a super car. :P

  • bold move with no service department at a Ferrari dealership…

  • That’s why they moved the Merc dealer to the current location next to the Summit. I remember being a kid and riding with my dad to Norman Scott Mercedes for service and him cussing that Fountainview exit. But I guess it beats their old location even further south on 59.

  • I believe the Ferrari Club of Houston periodically hosts an open house at the Ferrari dealership on the SW Freeway. Service bays, showroom, etc all accessible. Membership was not required when I went a few years back.