A New Flag for Flood City

A NEW FLAG FOR FLOOD CITY Armadillo rescued during 4/18 floodsWrites Cort McMurray of Monday’s flooding: “This week’s ‘historic’ rainfall (shake it off, TV weather people: if it happens once, it’s historic. If it happens every single year, it’s just rain) gave us the perfect symbol. You’ve seen it — it’s all over the Internet. Somewhere in our Xanadu on the Bayou, an intrepid Houstonian was spotted, knee-deep in rainwater and soaked to the skin, a yellow slicker hanging haphazardly on his shoulders, surrounded by flooded cars and floating debris, toting a waterlogged armadillo to safety. That’s it. That’s our new flag. Because wherever you live in this far-flung metropolis, you know what it feels like to be soaked to the skin and up to your knees in rainwater, carrying a stranded armadillo to safety. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? It’s the closest thing we have to a universally Houston experience.” [Houston Chronicle] Photo of armadillo rescued from Greens Bayou: Doug Miller

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  • Armadiller is some good eatin’.

  • leprosy encrusted rats. Should’ve let the sucker float away; he’d probably still make it back one way or the other.

  • Armadillos are actually excellent swimmers. They can hold their breath for several minutes and can outmaneuver alligators.

  • As a kid, I spent some time out in the rice fields. Remember watching this armadillo walk perpendicular to the rows, going over the plowed dirt and under the water on each side. Did this for almost a 100 yards, like it was normal for him. They are pretty cool prehistoric looking animals.

  • Hmmmmmm…..crunchy on the outside, with a chewy center.

  • read this morning they can swim underwater anywhere from 6 – 8mins. rats were around 3mins.

  • hahaha…Saw that online. It was one of my favs of the week

  • Funny article, until I got to “the 290.” Hm. I suspect Mr. Cort McMurray may not be a Houstonian.

  • @Lindsey, good catch. Hometown North Tonawanda, New York. Roots for the Detroit Pistons. Went to UH, but still sounds like an import.

  • Wow Houston has 2.4 billion of the entire planet’s 7.5 billion people …….who would say things like that?