A New Mixture of Uses for the Old Spring Branch Med Center

A NEW MIXTURE OF USES FOR THE OLD SPRING BRANCH MED CENTER The proud new owners of the 300,000-sq.-ft. Spring Branch Medical Center say they plan to flip the 18-acre property on Long Point Rd. into a residential and retail development. Investor Bruce Phillips tells the Houston Chronicle that the old medical buildings, most of which were built in the ’80s, might not have to come down to make the change happen and could be repurposed. The purchase was led by BlackSwan, which is also developing with Stream Realty that 25-story office tower near Washington on Waugh and Barnes. [Houston Chronicle ($); previously on Swamplot] Photo: MAM Jobs Network

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  • Coming 2015, Houston’s strangest address: 8835 Heterodox View Drive.

    (Shows up on the north side of the complex when you view 8830 Long Point in Google Maps.)

  • I like it that there is growing awareness of the history of Houston neighborhoods like the Heights and the East End (Harrisburg). However, Spring Branch is often overlooked, even tho’ it dates back to the 1830’s, like Harrisburg.

    Spring Branch Hospital occupies some of my earliest childhood memories, sitting in the “nurses’ station” while my dad did rounds there as a physician. it was an important community hospital … and now it seems strange to reflect on how many patients at that time were ranchers or otherwise had been involved in agriculture. I welcome the hispanic community that has moved in (times always change), but I wish Houston could have preserved at least a bit the character of the area that existed before the junky commercial development took over.

  • My ex had surgery there. Excellent doctors. The facility is dated and was losing tens of millions per year. The demographics drastically changed and now it’ll possibly be re-purposed!!!