A New Owner for the Marq*E; Corner Table in River Oaks Will Need To Cut Tables

SWN Energy Headquarters

Photo of Southwestern Energy Headquarters in Springwoods Village: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Okay, not everything in this city needs to be “reconfigured.” The Marq*E is a great destination as it is and services a wide range of people.

  • Is this HGAC study some kind of cruel joke? Didn’t we have to have a study to expand the freeway? Didn’t we have to have some kind of study b/f we built the Grandparkway?
    Here’s the answer and I’ll save you the $ on a study: Don’t spend billions of $’s on toll roads in the middle of nowhere. Force developers to bear the cost of congestion. Use the money to provide transportation alternatives like increased bus and (oh god) rail!
    Spending $ to tell companies to telework is a load of crap. That’s a free market decision that only works as a reaction to congestion. It’s not a real preventative measure.
    I swear, Houston is getting exposed for its small minded solutions to large problems. Forget the past successes of the ship channel, NASA, or the Astrodome; we’ve become a city that shrinks away from challenges, has to use private $ to build parks, and can’t fund our pensions.

  • DNA: I agree. Costs to build roads in the middle of no where should be paid by the devlopers building homes (on near free land) in the middle of no where. Those costs will, obvisuly, get passed along to home buyers in that area but they should. If you’re going to get the benifit of a cheap huge house in exchange for living in BFE, you should bear the cost of building the roads that connect you to civilization.
    Or, let the builders build wherever they want and simply don’t build (as general tax fund) roads that go out there. They’ll get built — by the builders — as otherwise they’ll have a hard time moving their product (and if I”m wrong, then they’ll move their product to people that don’t care about the lack of access to the rest of the city)

  • Cody, that was the way FL 19TH was years ago. 2 lanes, horrible traffic. The builders will never build the roads, absent some legal requirement.

  • FM 1960. Curse you autocorrect.

  • @ Cody

    I wonder if there could be some kind of MUD type set-up for other infrastructure. It works for water. Why can’t it work for roads. It fills a funding gap w/ TxDOT’s dwindling coffers. I even bet we’d get better and less unruly growth and the costs would be passed onto those people choosing to live in new development. It would incentivise existing home purchases so I imagine all the home builders who bathe our state officials in campaign $ will be against it.
    I’m curious if any place has ever tried this.