A New York Post Reporter’s Lost Houston Weekend

A NEW YORK POST REPORTER’S LOST HOUSTON WEEKEND Exhausted and content, I retired to the patio at El Gran Malo, a cool but divey tequila bar on a superbly awful corner facing a shoot ’n’ stab gas station, a Mexican restaurant and other assorted random Houstonia; I went here because every chef I encountered during my visit told me that this was the spot. I absolutely had to go, they said. So I went and I drank tequila, because that’s what I saw everyone else doing. A lot of it too, apparently — by the end of the night, I vaguely remember being on the other side of town stalking a food truck selling lobster that may or may not have actually existed. Which was fine — it would be days before I was in a position to eat a proper meal again.” [New York Post] Photo of El Gran Malo: Almost Veggie Houston

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  • Another colorful replay of the “ugly, random, full of food” description. Any reputation is better than none at all.

  • It’s ok to [heart] Houston.

  • “Shoot and stab” is a little overboard but the gas station is not much to look at. I was very surprised at how good the food is at El Gran – great tacos and fabulous hamburger. Definately the hot place to go so get there early. Didnt think the Dirt Guys would pull it off. Don’t forget Rainbow Lodge is two streets over with its WONDERFUL food and great patio dining.

  • The Curve? I hadn’t heard that one but I like it. Is anyone actually calling it that?

  • that part of Westheimer has been known as The Curve since the 80’s at least. used to even be a little billboard over there that said ‘Shop The Curve’

  • I’ve been in Houston for 20+ years and I’ve always heard it called the curve.

  • Good spin, no wonder the d*mn planes from La Guardia have tattooed hipsters stinking up the place.

  • Why would anyone eat at El Gran Malo, when you could walk across the street and eat at Tony’s? That’s just stupid.

  • that’s a very nice article about houston.

  • Tony’s is totally over-rated. Tecate down the street is better. And El Gran Malo is just fine as is. The article’s
    view of the neighborhood is a lame attempt at being a cultural traveler.

  • To the comment re: Tony’s. The odd, overtly religious atmosphere and terrible ingredients should be enough of a deterrent from going to Tonys… Not to mention the great food and infusions that are at El gran. I can’t understand this mentality unless you’re simply cheerleading for Tony’s in the face of new(ish) competition. I’d argue that Tony’s is around because its old heights. People dont go there because its good, they go because they have gotten into the habbit and because pre-gentirfication there wasnt much out there. I’ll reference Barbrque Inn to corraborate that statement.

  • @SFP: Why would anyone assume that the restaurant that he/she prefers should be the one that everyone prefers? Be careful freely tossing around the “stupid” label. Restaurant preference is rarely a smart/stupid issue as you allege it to be.