A Once-Paraded Mod To Modify in Glenbrook Valley

This 3-bedroom mod and its carport on Cayton St. in Glenbrook Valley was designed by A. Carroll Brodnax and featured in the 1957 Parade of Homes. The few photos included in this new listing show the mid-century home in need of a bit of present-day attention — but the asking price is only $69,999.


The 1,420-sq.-ft. home sits on an 8,050-sq.-ft. lot between Broadway and Telephone south of Bellfort Rd. It’s got 3 bedrooms and 1 full and 1 half bath.

The living room is 19 ft. by 11 ft.:

And the kitchen 9 ft. by 8 ft.:

The master bedroom are 14 ft. by 11 ft.; the others are 11 ft. by 11 ft. and 11 ft. by 10 ft.:

The living room opens up to this patio:

The photo shows it as screened-on, more than screened-in:

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  • it would take me like 5 minutes to get to the airport and I’d probably get sucked into a blackhole when I go downtown.

  • What would the note be on something like that? Even with these new “higher” interest rates at a whopping four-whatever percent? Less than renting a garage apartment probably.

  • That looks like a great… [looks at map] oh, that’s why. Guess if I flew Southwest a lot.