A Pair of New Bars Prepping Old Midtown Spots

A reader sends these photos and news of bars getting ready to give it a go in Midtown. The photo above shows the former Opium nightclub undergoing renovations in the Midtown Shoppes on Travis and Anita St.; the reader reports that sometime this fall that spot will become the 3030 Pub. It’s catty-corner from where the Midtown Superblock has been proposed.


And the photo immediately above shows the former El Xuco Xicana spot being renovated into the Bremond Street Grill. That’s at 2416 Brazos, near the corner of Brazos and Bremond.

Photos: Swamplot inbox

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  • Wow. That top pic ought to be the poster child for “Mediterranean/Tuscan” tackiness.

  • The old El Patio spot has a great location and plenty of (paid) parking so a good business should do well there.

    The “Midtown Shoppes”? I’m not so confident. They’re on a bit of an island unless you’re looking for banh mi or karaoke.

  • That tower is puke. Floor tile for walls… seriously?

  • “It’s catty-corner from where the Midtown Superblock has been proposed for over 10 years.”

    fixed it for ya

  • Yeah Midtown Shoppes is a little isolated. There is a Kubla Khan chain there now though. So whats up with Midtown Superblock anyways??

  • Brazos River Bottom is being converted to a new spot called “Docks on Brazos”. The remodel of the gutted building has already begun.

  • Interior work has also resumed at Worhals at 2016 Main too.

  • Wow, that has got to be the most aesthetically grotesque canopy attached to a forgettable bar that I’ve ever seen.

  • Speaking of Midtown, has anyone heard anything lately on the Greyhound station? Now that the Central Bank building is being renovated the Greyhound Station is one of the last things keeping that side of Midtown from taking the next step. When will it move near Amtrak?