A Pearland Pagoda Property Tries Again, This Time at $699K



Even before hitting the courtyard pool, an Asian-inspired home in Pearland’s Green Tee Terrace golf community takes a dip with its pagoda-style roof — and hand-dipped gold leaf panels on the living room ceiling (top). Could the distinctive 1982 property be too distinctive for the area? In a series of successive listings, its price has kept dropping. Last week, the stately home popped back up on the market again, this time seeking $699,000. In its initial listing back in 2011, the asking price started at $1.2 million and was whittled back to $895,000 over a 2-year period. A 6-month interim listing in September 2013 found no takers at $800,000 or at the $750,000 reduction in December. Back in 2005, it sold at $614,000, down from a 1999 sale for $649,000.

Attention to detail is one of the property’s hallmarks; so are shoji screens in many of the rooms . . .



A porte-cochère shields and serves the 6,983-sq.-ft. home’s further-recessed front entry:


As in the rock solid foyer, much of the wooden flooring throughout the floor plan features an inlaid pattern:


In the living room, the decorative ceiling is recessed and the floor steps down a level from the surrounding rooms:




Silk tapestry walls lend a subtle counterpoint to the wood trim on the dining room ceiling:



Twin kitchen islands double the work space. One of them fields the veggie sink.



Windows also have blackout panels:


In the master bedroom, the flooring is marble, the shoji screens mother of pearl, and the ceiling mirrored:


Behold the trim package of the spa-scale bathroom


. . . and its tub-top chandelier:




The closet count includes this cedar version:


Laminate flooring shows up in at least one of the secondary bedrooms:


Over in the guest quarters, the game room comes with a kitchenette and a lot of built-in storage:


And there are 2 more bedrooms with bathrooms:




Back in the main home, the media room (above) could be the sixth bedroom; it has its own bathroom, as do all the secondary bedrooms:


The high-drawer-count craft room accommodates a variety of artsy supplies:


A courtyard pool laps up its central location:


There’s also a 2-car garage and a 3-car carport toward the back of the property:



How close is the golf course to the property’s 37,100-sq.-ft. lot? This drone shot shows:


Serving Tee

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  • My guess is the issue is pearland vs. the asian style. If that house were in Montrose, it would have been sold in seconds.

  • Oh, just looking at the photos. DAMN that’s a huge house. Amazing what you can get out there for that much $.

  • I actually like it (more than I expected). The price is within reach of a lot of residents in the metro, but it’s just way too big. The cost to maintain it would be ridiculous.

  • I grew up right outside Green Tee and have always found the house to be fascinating. It would be perfect for someone who fancied himself a lesser Larry Ellison.

  • Ah, it kinda takes me back to my days living in Japan. I like some aspects of the house, but worry that my children would destroy it if I tried to buy it.

  • that’s definitely one house that would be worth the commute out of town and I can’t help but wonder how much it’d cost to build something like that today. the size and upkeep with that property would have to wear you down at some point though.

  • That is massive. Hate to pay to put a new roof on it….

  • Meanwhile, $699 gets you a 2900sqft four story box in the heights nowadays . . . neat house for sure.

  • Years ago Green Tee Terrace had one of the best Christmas light shows in town. The neighborhood is a large loop and virtually every home was decorated, always the kid’s favorite.

  • Is that raw OSB on the living room ceiling? Cheesy!

  • @TM 4-story boxes are not allowed in the Heights – and let me know if you find 2700 st ft for that price; it would be a steal!

  • d713, obviously you haven’t been hearing all the chatter lately about the 4 stories that were just built and the next batch of 4 stories going up (this is all in Woodland Heights).

  • There is a variation to this one in Glenbrook Valley on De Leon and Lakewind. It appears to be the same house, minus the porte-cochere in front, and that back wing that wraps around is not as large, but the front is the same. Same design, scale, window placement, chimney placement. It is clearly a variation on the same floor plan.

  • It’s amazing how much further your dollar goes in (older) suburban areas. However, I think humungous houses like this are going to be a hard sale in the future with Gen Y and Millennials’ preferring smaller spaces close to urban areas. The electricity and upkeep costs of a house like that is crazy expensive.

  • Cool! I was wondering about that Glenbrook Valley house, hadn’t noticed it was similar. I’ve been admiring this house for years. There are several swankilicious big places in this area of Green Tee from about this time period. None other Asian inspired but there are a couple of really big Colonials.

  • This is Real Estate 101: You ALWAYS put the boat shaped bad in the room with the blue carpet. Always.
    No wonder no one wants this thing.

  • Flashback to the 60’s or 70’s… Killer location on the golf course…Love the boat bed and the master bathroom tub…It’s a shrine to cleanliness..

  • I heard from somebody in the Green Tee neighborhood that JJ Watt has purchased it. And is doing a full scale remodel on it.

  • Dunno…the mirrored ceilings and plush carpets give off kind of a chintzy ’80s vibe. Like this house would be inhabited by a 50 year old Corvette-driving realtor with hair plugs who likes to bring cocktail waitresses home and tell them about his 8th degree black belt in kung fu.