A Portholed Nineties Contemporary in Memorial Drive Manor Is Still Cruising for a $6,500 a Month Lease

310 Lindenwood St., Memorial Drive Manor, Houston

310 Lindenwood St., Memorial Drive Manor, Houston

With its quirky cutouts, windows shaped a bit like marine hatches (no rivets, though), and central tower, a 1994 contemporary in gun-metal gray floats a bit like a battleship on its interior lot within the Memorial Drive Manor neighborhood of Hunters Creek Village. Located on a big lot west of Chimney Rock Rd. and south of a bend in Memorial Dr., the spit-and-polished property has been on a mission to secure a tenant since its listing in late October. Last month, the rental rate dropped $2K to $6,500 per month on a year’s lease.


310 Lindenwood St., Memorial Drive Manor, Houston

Stripped down to its civvies, the interior (above and at the top of this story) displays its underpinnings every-which-way: pop-up spaces, an alcove, a waterfall wall of cascading glass, a chevron of glass bricks, and wooden flooring installed on 2 diagonals. Accent tiles at the fireplace also max out the angles. Across the room, built-ins keep the edges to a minimum; cabinetry detail is kept flush to the wall (above). In the kitchen, meanwhile, clutter has been busted and color banished to the green screen provided by the landscaping visible through the double bank of windows above a run of countertop:




Photos in the listing keep mum on which room is for what. The description of the 5,253-sq.-ft. floor plan mentions a study and a media room, though:


The master suite is on the first floor . . .


and has a dazzling white bathroom exhibiting high contrast in the tile and tub finishes:



There are 3 or 4 secondary bedrooms, 2 additional full bathrooms, and a pair of powder rooms.



One of the rooms upstairs — which displays windows in precise formation along the back and side walls (above) — juts over the patio (as does the wall-mounted AC unit):

310 Lindenwood St., Memorial Drive Manor, Houston

One of the rooms upstairs appears to have access to a spiral staircase to ground level: A bi-level patio with several access points to the house sits a bit higher than the back lot and includes sections with and without overhead:


A walkway meanders around much of the home, which has a 2-car garage:


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  • If I was younger that would actually be a pretty sweet place to rent out with a bunch of other young professionals. Considering how much people are renting 2 bedroom luxury apartments on Kirby for this is actually a pretty good deal. Get 5 dudes paying between 800 and 1400 a month (depending on which room they get) and you got yourself an interesting place for someone in their mid twenties.