A Power Station for Montgomery County; Growth for Ruggles Green


Photo of Lynn Park: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Why does every new restaurant need to have an ampersand in their name? I’m waiting for a new place named Salmonella & Cholera to open.

  • It’s like removing vowels to make your tech startup sound cool, hip and futrstc.

  • Re: School Board at Odds over HSPVA Kinder Rebranding
    I had to channel a Nelson Muntz “Ha! Ha” laugh at this story since the school board got sandbagged by this. I may not agree with Jolanda Jones on a lot of things but she’s right that the whole agreement was basically in stealth mode until last Wednesday.

  • A novel concept regarding HSPVA: Donate the money without insisting on naming rights. Seems like philanthropists don’t have to put their name on everything they donate to. But then, I’m merely a multi-thousandaire, so I don’t fully understand the billionaire philanthropist ego/mindset.

  • Speaking of stealth mode, it is good to see Jolanda sneaking her way back up the poltical ladder. Do these leeches ever go away?

  • RE: HSPVA “The original budget for the new high school was $80 million, the largest per-pupil cost of any of 40 school projects.

    An extra $8 million was added to the budget when the board agreed to pour another $211 million into the $1.9 billion bond program to address rising prices in Houston’s booming construction market. However, in the spring of this year, district officials said the arts high school project would cost $5 million more to include things such as theater lighting, an appropriate sound system and a specialized dance floor.”

    WTF? things like theatre lighting were not budgeted for when planning the new HSPVA? When other schools are now rebuilt in HISD they don’t get to have a dedicated theatre anymore. Seems like it’s time to stick to their already super-generous budget and have car washes and sell gift wrap like every other campus that wants extra stuff.