A Purple Pair by the Green Line in the East End

Fresh paint in shades of purple is but one of the updates to this 1929 East End bungalow with matching back-lot studio unit. Listed Friday at $115,000, the plummy property is on an otherwise toned-down, mixed-use street located a block north of Metro’s East End rail line on Harrisburg, near Milby St.


The front door off the porch opens into the main home’s main room, its hardwood floors and chat-height telephone alcove (above) left intact:

Apple green kitchen walls join what appear to be new counters (with a cantilevered end), cabinets, and backsplash:

One of the well-windowed 11-ft. by 11-ft. bedrooms faces the mostly residential street:

The other gets an eyeful of the Barney-purple studio unit out back, which stands in for a garage:

The bungalow’s sole bathroom, accessed off at least one of the bedrooms, now has a walk-in shower:

HCAD pegs the lot size at 4,700 sq. ft. and the home size at 880 sq. ft., though the listing reads 1,004 sq. ft. for the domicile pair. The tower seen rising behind the back studio’s roof is part of the Maximus Coffee Group headquarters. It’s across the street from the commercial lot behind this listing and lends its presence to Metro’s so-called “Coffee Plant–Second Ward” station at York St., a city-block stroll away.

Purple steps lead to the purple studio’s purple door. Inside, however, the all-in-one living space is a purple-free zone that’s chilled by a wall-installed window unit:

The bathroom is right off the kitchen’s bit-o-brick wall:

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  • Nice, until you get a look at the giant industrial plant a few blocks over.

  • It’s an okay house, by why would anyone do a decent renovation job (nice wood floors, paint, etc.) and then paint the outside a hideous purple and pink?

  • Pink-a-dink!

  • I think a coffee factory will be the least of your worries…

  • Seriously, I know this is near Ninfa’s but really Purple??..this isn’t Monterey, Mexico. Hideous, and that area is sketchy at best. If the smell of the coffee doesn’t get you a stray gangland bullet will

  • I’ve lived in Second Ward for four years now and all has been pretty quiet out here….so you can stop pushing those tired, lame, 20 year old perceptions about the East End @nonsense. The area has been slowly changing for the better. I’ve learned to like the coffee plant, especially the subtle coffee aroma that sometimes fills the air. It’s a historic yet quirky asset to the East End. The younger, artsy, more bohemian crowd has been slowly moving in as well. Even the Houston Re-Market event relocated its monthly market from Midtown to the lot right next to the coffee plant. Not to mention the upcoming rail line. Take it from someone who lives there, the East End is evolving.

  • Well, there is one real plus.

    The Mother-in-law (or Mother herself) unit is NOT connected to the home.

  • Google street view has a nice “before” shot. Someone (perhaps Prince) did a fair amount of work on this house.

  • odd, I’ve lived around this neighborhood for quite a while now, no gun shots, they must be using silencers.

  • @toasty

    I’ve learned to ignore most of the comments here when it comes to how ‘ghetto’ an area is. Seems like if it doesn’t have a Chili’s or Applebees every 2 miles it must be just like the worst gangland Chicago neighborhood.

  • El Tiempo just opened down the street and is charging 6 bucks per shrimp on the a la carte menu. I’d worry more about that than a “stray bullet.”

  • Wow, this would be perfect for someone only one or a few years out of college with an engineering gig downtown. Instead of paying $2000 a month to live in a 1000 sq ft beehive/rabbit warren apartment, they can pay probably $700 a month for the same 1000 sq ft, have their own unshared walls and privacy, and be two blocks from a rail line (opening 2014) that will take them directly into downtown with connections to the red line for midtown clubs.

  • Ed –

    Bohemians used to rule The Heights in the 80s and 90s. Now it’s filled with anything but.

    Hopefully the East End will learn from this and keep it real.

  • Good deal for a rental property and there is even a 1 brd 1 bath unity in the back that can be rented to.

  • Craig,

    And when you go back to the 70s, the Heights was a neglected crime-ridden slum. Neighborhoods change, sometimes for the better. I’m bullish on the Second Ward.

  • I remember them too. My great aunt was a slum dweller over there. And don’t get me started on Heights Rats – white boy gangs! My dad would fight them off to cut her yard.

    Neighborhoods do change but the current set of NIMBYs forgot who brung them to the dance.